In honor of national lipstick day we decided to do a fun blog on 10 lipstick rules to live by! There are so many benefits to wearing lipstick, one is confidence and looking beautiful! Lipstick can really tie a look all together. More people than you think look at your lips on an everyday interaction, so follow these rules and you will have perfect lips all the time!

1. Make your lips part of your daily routine, just like your face. Don’t forget to remove the makeup, exfoliate, and moisturize!

2. For those nights out when you have a casual drinks/dinner with some friends, wait to put your lipstick on so you won’t have to worry about it getting messed up while you eat. (Many women’s biggest fear)

3. We suggest that either your eye makeup or lips are bold, not both! It’s important to keep your makeup balanced!

4. Lipstick comes in hundreds of colors! You won’t find your perfect shade the first time around. Try on tons of shades until you find one that compliments you the best. Different skin tones work better with different shades, so don’t be afraid to try them all out!

5. If you want to have your lips stay on all day through meetings, dinner, and drinks try putting on a lip primer first! You can try: NARS Instant Line & Pore Perfector

6. If you find the right lip liner it will help stop the lipstick from feathering throughout the day! We recommend trying a clear lip pencil!

7. Begin in the middle of your lips then move outward when applying so your less shaky when you are near the outer lines of your lips! Less shaky means less mistakes!

8. Highlight along your cupids bow along with the middle of your lower lip. This will make the light reflect making your lips look more plump.

9. Take off your lipstick before you go to sleep! Your lips need to breathe at the end of the night. Who wants to wake up with a red lipstick stained pillow anyway..?!

10. Give your lips a rest day. Every week pick a day where your lips are natural so you can shed dead skin cells and moisturize!

There you go ladies! Here are a few life hacks when it comes to wearing lipstick on a daily basis! Follow these tips and you’ll lips will always be luscious and fabulous!