A Quick How To: Summer HairStyles

With the sweltering heat of Virginia Summer upon us I am so thankful for the short pixie cut that I rock. I constantly see woman pushing their hair out of their faces, or throwing it up in a bun because it is just too hot. And don’t get me started on just how hard it is to have your hair down during a summer wedding because it is almost impossible. If you straighten it it frizzes up, if you curl it, the curl falls, you just can’t win when you have your hair down for a summer wedding. Which is why I wanted to present you guys with a few solutions that are perfect for everyday wear and can be glammed up for your special day! 


A great way to get your hair off your neck and out of your face is with braids. This is something that we often incorporate into hairstyles for both brides, and bridesmaids but it can also be transformed into an easy everyday look as well. 

One of my favorites is a fishtail braid, which is one that our stylists love to rock in many different ways. You can turn your typical milkmaid hairstyle (two braids pinned to the top of your head) into a fishtail milkmaid braid, or just make is simple and easy with a side fishtail. A fishtail braid changes the basic braid by adding a different texture to the hair and instead of three strands of hair you use two. 

FullSizeRender (1)

  • First split your hair into two sections
  • Take a small piece of hair from the first section and move it to the back of the second section adding it into the hair there
  • Repeat the second step by, taking a piece of hair from the second section and crossing it underneath the first
  • Repeat these steps in an alternating fashion until you reach the bottom of your hair

And then tada! You have your fishtail braid. You can incorporate this braid into so many different styles, like a braided topknot, or even in a few separate strands throughout your hair, which is a boho look that has been super in lately! 

FullSizeRender (2)

A favorite hairstyle of Amanda’s is the top knot that I mentioned above. This style is one that can either be extremely polished or more messy and is perfect for those extremely hot and miserable summer days. People always ask how you get that perfect messy look (ironic right) but it is super easy. The steps to having a messy topknot and a polished one are exactly the same 

  • Brush your hair towards the back of your head and secure it into a high pony tail.
  • If you want it to be sleek take a second to hairspray the top of your head to smooth out any fly aways and do the same to the sides. If you want it to look a bit more messy skip this step and move on the next 
  • This is where you can either use the help of a sock (or a fancy bun rolling) or you can take your pony tail and begin twisting it around the base where the hair tie is. 
  • You can then secure hair that you have rolled either with bobby pins or with another hair tie
  • For the sleek look you are ready to go! But for the messier look you can pull some hair from the sides to let it hang down and to pull from the roots and hair in the front to loosen the bun 

FullSizeRender (3)

However if you are one of those people that just detests having your hair up, a hairstyle that is half up and half down is perfect for these summer months and just the other day Amanda sent me a picture of the most beautiful style ever! A half up half down style definitely does pose some of the same problems that a full down style has (such as frizz and holding a curl) but for people who like their hair down it is the simple solution to avoid at least some of those problems. 


Despite the sweat and humidity that accompanies summer I am so happy for the warm weather, barbecues and time with my family. If you try any of these styles make sure to take a picture and tag as @loustevensglamsquad on Instagram

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