Can we start this entry off by saying how much we adore Amanda at Sweet Fix? Aside from her astounding talent of creating stunning cakes, she is the sweetest, bubbliest person! Every time I scroll through my Facebook feed and see her cake posts pop up, I stare at it for a couple minutes, continue to scroll through other posts, and then immediately scroll back up to hers. She is so creative and talented and after reading this interview I think you will agree that she is PASSIONATE about what she does!

Glam Squad: When did you start working in the wedding industry?

Amanda: Sweet Fix began at the end of 2009 as an enjoyable hobby. I was the Executive Director and founder of a local non-profit visual and performing arts center. I did have experience with weddings through the rental and on site coordinating of that venue, however my background is in the fine arts. I began that organization at the young age of 22 and spent practically all of my 20’s helping young artists. As I was nearing my 30’s, I knew it was time to venture off and become my own artist. I feel that the art of cake was something that found me. I decided to create my daughter’s first birthday cake, and did not anticipate that my passion for baking and decorating to become as great as it has. While my experience is in painting and some sculpting, I truly feel like the edible medium is what I was meant to do. Perhaps it is being a mother or me getting older, but I seem to enjoy more the “traditionally” domesticated art forms. Since I appreciate quality, all natural, from-scratch and local foods, I knew that my style of baking would follow that philosophy. I am a self taught baker and spent several years crafting my own recipes and discovering the style of cakes, buttercream and torting that I envision when I think of cake.

Glam Squad: Why did you start working in the wedding industry?

Amanda: Cake is a wedding tradition! While I still offer custom designed and hand sculpted cake as well as stylized dessert tables for any occasion, I do work with more brides than any other type of client. Being a part of the arts and curating exhibitions for nearly a decade has given me a great understanding of coordinating styles, trends and really working with a client to bring their visions to life. There are so many visual design elements that go into creating a wedding reception (from color, style, theme, lighting, environment, etc), more so than most special events where cake would be a visual focal point. My background gives me a lot of understanding of the overall feel and vision for these receptions and ultimately insure that my cake designs and stylized tables compliment the client’s big day.

Glam Squad: What do you offer brides that makes you stand out among other vendors in your field?

Amanda: Custom Design! While some of the trends do currently call for simple natural buttercream and live flowers with that rustic, southern feel, I still provide my clients with a customized sketch design and am responsible for arranging and applying the floral elements. For more involved designs, it is important that no two cakes are alike. While I will look at inspiration provided by the bride and browse my own pinterest boards to understand styles and trends, I will not copy another baker’s work. I know very well what it is like to have my work copied without permission and it doesn’t feel good to know that, most of the time, you will not be credited for your work. Some baker’s just consider themselves a baker, yet some consider themselves an artist and baker. I personally consider myself an artist first and foremost, so custom, individualized design is important to me. The majority of my client’s come to me because of this.

And, lastly…

Glam Squad: What is your favorite thing about your job and also what inspires you?

Amanda: To be a part of someone’s special day, the smile’s on my client’s faces, creative freedom and knowing that people enjoy what I do. Let them eat cake!





After reading this, I immediately try to think of an excuse to have her make me a cake. We were lucky enough to have some of her cupcakes at a recent NACE meeting and we’re still daydreaming about it!

You can contact Amanda at Sweet Fix via:
Phone: (804) 404-2349
Mailing, Consultation & Pick up Address: Sweet Fix, 425 Strawberry Street, Richmond, Virginia 23220

Xoxo, The Glam Squad