An Interview With Hayes & Fisk Photography

We love our vendor friends! We want you to know them like we do and love them like we do! We interviewed Mary from Hayes & Fisk Photography to better understand her role on the PPA Board of Directors and to find out how she got started!


What does it mean being an elected member of the  PPA Board of Directors? What are your duties? What standards does the PPA have? 

Being a part of the PPA Board of Directors is an absolute honor and a privilege.  Professional Photographers of America (PPA) is the world’s largest professional photographers organization and we are currently 30,000 members strong.  To sit on this Board with a dozen other amzing leaders in the industry of professional photography is truly a highlight for me.  Our job is to serve as visionaries for our membership and we are tasked to make sure that PPA is the best organization it can be.  I currently serve as the liaison for two key PPA committees, Speaker Selection Committee and the PPA Education Cirriculum Committee.  In the past I have also worked very closely with our philanthropic arm, PPA Charities and have assisted this committee in donating almost one million dollars to charitable organizations like Operation Smile, D’ando Amor and many more.


How did you get into photography? 

I have always loved photography.  Back in the days of high school I helped out with our yearbook staff and took pictures for the newsletter and yearbook.  I adored my 35mm camera and took lots of pictures of friends and family through college and then found mysef always toting a camera around at my friend’s weddings.  I also had a true appreciation for professional photographers and knew that  I wanted to hire the best photographer in town when I got married.  And, I did!  When I had our daughter, Alexandra, I looked that guy up and sure enough he had branched out on his own and opened his first studio.  So, my sweet little princess started getting her portraits created at Hayes the Art of Photography (later to be named, Hayes & Fisk Photography!).  I had taken a hiatus from work and was staying at home with my perfect baby.  Well, one thing led to another and I started helping out at the studio, then took over the branding and marketing and then took over the sales and one day at a wedding found myself behind the lens of an extra camera in the bag.  Of course this was the film days so I will never forget waiting to get the film back and see if anything I took was worth printing.  And, it was!  It was actually pretty cool and the clients loved my images!  They bought a 20×24 matted and framed black and white from one of my images and put over 50 of them in their wedding album.  So, then I decided that I would learn to take portraits and capture moments.  Well, here we are almost 20 years later and I am still taking pictures.


How is working with Jamie?

As you may have guessed that random professional photographer that I hired for my bridal portraits and later started working with is Jamie Hayes.  Working with Jamie is a lot of fun and sometimes not a lot fun.  We are both highly creative and strong willed people.  We strive for perfection and sometimes our personalities will clash.  But overall we both get to do what we love.  We have been very fortunate in our industry that we get to travel all over the world teaching and sharing with other photographers about how we run a successful business, how we take award winning and highly sought after portraits, and how we have maintained a successful portrait studio in our marketplace and beyond.  We both love to travel and it suits us.  Working with Jamie is always an adventure but I can honestly say that we support each other 100%.  Ultimately when the day is done our job is to take great care of our clients, create the best art work that we possibly can and maintain a brand name for Hayes & Fisk in our market area and surrounding areas.mary6

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