An Interview With Our CEO, Amanda!

Meet one of the bosses, Amanda:


We love Amanda! We wouldn’t be where we are without all her hard work and dedication! Here are some super fun facts about Amanda!


1. What is a typical day in the life of a CEO/master hairstylist look like? There really is no typical day for me, and thats what I love most!  I do start each morning by checking emails and phone calls, but then from there it can be anything! Previews or portraits in the afternoons, meetings in the early evenings, I think the variety is what I love most!

2. What does a ME day consist of for you? a ME day would be getting to sleep in without an alarm going off, going to the gym, maybe a lunch date with a friend, then probably just relaxing catching up on some Netflix or spending time with my little puppy Daisy snuggling up!  It’s rare to have days with nothing on the “to-do” list, so I relish those!


3. What do you enjoy most about the wedding business? I love LOVE!  I think I am a hopeless romantic, and my husband and I have the most incredible story about how we met and fell in love that I just love hearing about each brides individual story.  I get genuinely excited when I’m with them at their preview and can get to know them and take time listening to them.  We have the best job in the world that we get to make people look and feel beautiful, and for me thats what I love most.  Being able to make someone feel just so special on that day that matters most to them.


4. What personality traits do you have that make you successful? I think my outgoing personality is definitely a plus.  I am hard working and refuse to quit.  To a fault sometimes, its 10pm and I’m answering interview questions because I don’t want anything to wait a second longer than it has to!  My quick responses and attention to detail I think makes me successful in this business, because no one should have to wait forever for a response!


5. What is your goal for 2015? My goal for 2015 is to successfully GLAM UP 300 brides through our business 🙂  I’m also really enjoying the community outreach and giving back, so I’d love to make it another goal to do more public speaking this year!

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