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Happy Monday! I always do my best to start every Monday in the most positive way possible! It’s the start to the week and your Monday sets the stage for the rest of the week and that’s why it is so important to face it with a smile! So I wanted to start this Monday off with a super motivational quote: They say the secret to any good marriage is a great foundation…but glammies prefer airbrush!

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When I was first starting off in the industry I ALWAYS used traditional foundation! There wasn’t really an option for me to use anything else! So I used the products that were popular at the time, concealer and just foundation! And of course with the proper techniques in place the traditional makeup application can be just as flawless! But unlike airbrush foundation…it might well, in the simplest of terms melt off of your face! A lot of traditional foundations are great! Especially for every day use, but sometimes the final look can appear caked on and by the end of the day it is just completely off your face!

The worst part is when it gets oily and smears off! It just makes your face feel heavy and if we are being completely honest just gross! There are ways to combat that of course. Like carrying around some powder to apply throughout the day, which gets rid of the shine but still makes your face feel a bit heavy! Another option is to carry oil blotting sheets, there is one called the Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens (these can be found at sephora!) but one that is easier to grab from the drug store are the Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets! These can be great but rather than giving you a caked on look like the powder this one wipes off some of your foundation along with the oil!

And for a while that was the only option that brides had to use! So I had to make do! And I have a few little tricks up my sleeve to keep the traditional foundation lasting all day and all night for your wedding day!

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But as I became more seasoned and new beauty trends and products have been created we moved over to airbrush foundation! And almost ALL of our brides make the decision to go with airbrush foundation rather than the traditional! But sometimes brides have never experienced airbrush foundation! And that’s not surprising not many people have an airbrush machine sitting on your vanity so your normal makeup routine is just applying the traditional foundation! But it’s your wedding day! Of course you want to do something a little different and special! And a type of foundation that you don’t have to worry about coming off of your face while your dancing your night away!

For those of you who don’t know much about what airbrush includes it is a light weight foundation that is applied through an air gun machine and because of that it produces a very fair and even layer of makeup! We add a few drops of various specialized foundations in order to create the color that matches your face completely! Because it is such a fine mist your true skin color will shine through, giving you amazing coverage while looking natural and avoiding that caked on look!

One the best thing about airbrush foundation?? It doesn’t transfer onto ANYTHING! You don’t have to worry about hugging grandma and then seeing your makeup on her shoulder, or having your first dance with your new husband and seeing the outline of your cheek on his chest! And it looks amazing in professional photos! But the absolute best part of airbrush makeup? It is waterproof! So bring on the tears! (happy ones of course!) Just make sure to blot your tears and sweat instead of wiping! And guess what! If you do that it will guarantee at LEAST 16 hours of wear! I mean what could be better than that?

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We are so obsessed with the airbrush machines at the glam squad that we even use them on ourselves sometimes if we are going to be out for most of the day and running around a lot! And because of that we want everyone to be able to experience the amazing coverage that the airbrush gun provides which is why we are hosting our Glam Squad Academy Airbrush Workshops! We will teach you how to use and clean your airbrush machine and guess what? The airbrush is included and you get to walk home with it that day!

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It’s such a fun class and we would love for you to come through The Academy! So many of our glammies have started out through the Academy and now they are such vital parts of our team! If you are interest in signing up for one of these workshops email to reserve your spot because seats are extremely limited!

Airbrush Workshop Dates:

February 25th, 2017

March 5th, 2017

March 12th, 2017

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