Lou here! I was recently discussing the importance of protecting my skin daily with a client and she asked me, “Is daily sunscreen really a necessity?

My answer is.. YES! If you don’t protect your skin now while you’re young, trust me, you will regret it when you’re older. The sun is brutal and is causing damage to your skin even when it’s not hot outside. Ever heard of sun spots? Those don’t just develop in the summer when you’re tanning on the beach. The sun causes premature aging and I don’t think that is something any of you girls want to happen! I’m not saying go full on Casper-the-friendly-ghost-faced with sunscreen, there are plenty of foundations, BB creams, and face primers that are loaded with sunscreen nowadays. There are no excuses these days when it comes to protecting your skin. Next time you’re perusing through the makeup aisle for new foundation, check the label! I think you’ll be surprised to see that almost every foundation now has sun protection in it’s formula. Don’t forget about your lips, either. Keep those beauties soft and moisterized. Nothing like the harsh summer AND winter weather. No one wants to kiss dry, chapped or cracked lips!