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Happy New Year everybody! I am so excited for 2017 to start! This blog post is going to be a little different from our usual ones, because there aren’t going to be pictures of our brides our us, the most important thing in this post are the words! The positivity that always surrounds the new year is something that I look forward too every time the clock strikes midnight on December 31st and we move into January! And with five weddings on New Years Eve…. I have a feeling that our brides felt the exact same way as they started the new year with their new husbands!

Much like everyone else, I’ve been reflecting on all that 2016 brought. And when I actually sat down to think about it I realized just how amazing of a year it has been! The Glam Squad has grown so much in just this past year that I couldn’t help but share with you all of the things we have accomplished and some of the things we have in store for 2017

I think the first thing that we have to talk about is The Academy. This idea came about because we wanted to be able to share our passion with people who love hair and makeup as much as we do. Sometimes going to cosmetology school is costly and time consuming (Amanda and I both went) so I wanted to give people the ability to learn these skills in a different way. After having our first makeup course and our first hair course, I can’t even put into words how excited we are to continue with the Academy in 2017!

We also got to travel to Las Vegas once again to head the Beauty Room at the Wedding MBA. This trip is one that we look forward to making every year and we weren’t let down at all this past year! We met so many lovely people in the industry from all over the country and even learned a thing or too in the process! My favorite part of the conference had to be the Q&A though, after being in the business for so long I might know a thing or too about not only hair and makeup but also the logistics of running a business so it was great to be able to share some of that knowledge with everyone in the beauty room.

The number of 2016 however was 300….and that number stands for all of the weddings we were a part of during this past year. I’ll wait for you to do the math…yes there are 365 days in a year…And now you’re thinking, “But Lou aren’t weddings normally on Friday’s and Saturday’s” the answer is yes….and now I’m sure you’re thinking that there aren’t that many weekends in a year how did they do it? And the answer is simple. I have the best team, and the Glam Fam is pretty dang unstoppable if we are being completely honest!

But what I loved the most about 2016? All of the plans that we have made for 2017, I can’t wait to share all of the little tricks that we have up our sleeves and have been cooking up. We are definitely moving to bigger and better things, and that means….Even more Beauty in the year to come!

I want to just end this blog post by thanking everyone who made 2016 such an amazing year….My lovely and gorgeous brides, thank you for letting us make you even more gorgeous than you already are, my amazing family, both the Glam Fam and my family (made up of the members of my family and also my great friends), because without your support none of this would be possible! Here’s to 2017!!!!!

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