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I loved having Amanda guest blog last week that I just couldn’t help but ask another glammie to do the same! Today’s guest blogger is Alex and I’m so excited to have her sharing her experience at the boudoir photoshoot this past weekend!

Hey, it’s Glammie Alex here! I’m so excited to tell you all about a fun photoshoot I, along with a few other Glammies got to be a part of!


When most hear about Lou Stevens Glam Squad, they think hair and makeup for weddings. Which is accurate! We do A LOT of those of course because we specialize in them! Sometimes though, we get the opportunity to be the Glam Squad for other events & photo shoots, which we absolutely love to do. Getting models and clients pampered and camera ready is a part of the job! I personally have been to plenty of weddings over the past 3 years, but I finally got to experience a boudoir photo shoot marathon!


I’ve always been interested in boudoir sessions. The results are gorgeous, classy intimate photos, reminiscent of vintage pin-up photos, which I love! But I have to admit, before this experience, I would always put myself in a bride or bride-to-be’s shoes and think “hmm…I would be TERRIFIED to get in front of the camera, in front of another person for a boudoir shoot! How could I ever do that?!”

After prepping these ladies for their photos, and seeing their positive reactions throughout the process, and then seeing them when they were finished with their sessions, I began to realize how AMAZING a boudoir photoshoot can be for boosting a woman’s confidence. As a shy lady myself, I’m telling you all, put your insecurities aside and treat yourself! You are worth it! Whether it’s for your significant other or yourself, do it! Plus, who wouldn’t want to get glammed up by us and basically play dress up?!


We went on location to a beautiful home in Stony Creek, VA. A house that had a mixture of vintage and modern touches all over the house. If you’re into shabby chic, this would have been your heaven and a perfect backdrop for boudoir photos. I seriously wanted to live there. We arrived just as the sun was rising and we were set up and ready take on the day! Anika Colombo, the photographer was ready to take on the day as well!


I especially was looking forward to this day , just to have slightly more creative freedom with the makeup  during this shoot! Wedding makeup for the most part leans toward a more natural look, majority of the time.


Boudoir makeup trends typically are all about a more sultry, seductive look, which I don’t get to do too often! This means dramatic eyes. Nothing makes “bedroom eyes” more inviting than a good smoky eye. So much fun to do! We take advantage of these moments!

All the girls were of course super excited to have their foundation airbrushed! Airbrush is absolutely the way to go when taking photos. Okay, actually, it’s the way to go any other time! It provides amazing, even coverage, without looking too heavy, which is perfect for a boudoir session. Most girls want to look their absolute best, but still want to be comfortable in their own skin. So even for you ladies that aren’t usually makeup wearers and want to look like themselves, airbrush will simply even out your skin tone for a flawless, natural look for your boudoir photos.


As for the hair at a boudoir session, it is unbelievable how much a down and curly style makes a difference. Keyla and Kimmy¬† made sure everyone’s hair had that gorgeous textured, tousled look.

If you are considering having a boudoir session, there are some common trends when it comes to the hair and makeup. But, it really all depends on how you want to be seen by your significant other, or how you would like to see yourself. I really enjoyed listening to these women and their reasons behind getting these photos done. Most of the girls have actually been married for a while and just wanted to do something special for their husbands, without them knowing! Two of the girls came together as part of a girls weekend. One of the ladies had boudoir photos done before and encouraged her friend to get them done. As nervous as she was, knowing her friend was by her side put her at ease. What a great idea for a girls weekend! Getting hair and makeup by the glam squad and taking amazing photos? GIRL POWER! Confidence is sexy!

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