Brittany is one of our makeup artists and she attended and graduated cosmetology school! She began doing make-up and hair when she was very young. Make-up artistry is her specialty. She was always taking the opportunities to learn and try new things. Her mother exposed herself and her sister to make-up by taking us with her to different make-up parties and playing around at home. Once she became a teen, she could not help herself with doing makeovers every weekend and her mom was always my model for practice. Years of practicing and learning new techniques has expanded her knowledge. With exposing her friends and family to her passion, she has had great support and encouragement to pursue her career in cosmetology. They have pushed her to recognize my potential in the industry that she is now able to see.

Make-up artistry has always been her passion which goes deeper than just applying products to create a specific look. It is her ability to use her artistic talents to bring the true beauty of a women out. Her motto in life has always been “If you look good, you feel good and if you feel good, you perform well.” She lives by that slogan and takes the time to make others feel the same way as she does. She feels honored to now have the opportunity to work with a team of individuals that have the same vision as she does! She takes pride in being able to take part in making someone’s most important day of their life and make it a day that will never will be forgotten!