Family Ties while Tying the Knot

For the thousands of weddings I’ve been to it always amazes me to see the relationships and love that envelopes a room as we get the bride and the bridal party ready for the big day. Family and friends can make the environment extremely bright and vibrant which helps to make the day even more perfect. I have never experienced a wedding were there wasn’t laughter and joy surrounding the entire room. Sometimes there’s a little bit of stress but the joy in the room definitely over powers the other.


I was thinking about how much a family can influence the wedding day. Although it is the bride’s special day but the day wouldn’t be nearly as special without the presence of family and friends to celebrate with you. This was something that rang true when our Glammie Amanda (and my niece) got married. Our entire family was present as well as all of the people close to her heart present.

With the holiday season quickly approaching and Thanksgiving coming up  in the next week, I thought looking back to the relationships and love that surrounds the wedding day would be perfect.  All of our brides have always made me and all of our other glammies feel like they were a part of the family as much as everyone else in the room. I have definitely been blessed to work with such amazing clients and brides and I thank God everyday that I am able to be a part of such a vital time in a couple’s life.


The stories that I hear on the wedding day make it all the better too. When the bride sits in my chair, or even a bridesmaid sits down, I get the pleasure of having an insight into each and everyone of their lives. I’ve heard stories of how the maid of honor met the bride when they were in elementary school, or a bridesmaid’s first impression of the groom may not have been that great at the beginning but he knew how important it would be to his future wife for him to impress her best friend and now the two have nothing but great things to say about one another. However my favorite stories, are the ones where the bride and groom do something during their ceremony, or rehearsal, or whatever aspect of their wedding to honor a loved one that is no longer with them anymore. By doing that it feels as though the loved one is with them on that day even more.

So this article is a thank you to all of the amazing people in our brides life that make their day just a little more special and joyous!  screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-10-48-09-am

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