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When you are part of a bridal community you meet so many amazing people. Not only do you meet amazing brides and grooms, but you become friends with other vendors! A bride’s wedding is definitely one of those events that takes a village and the different people that make up that village are all like pieces of a well oiled machine! And if the photographer didn’t get along with the caterer then there might be a few issues….

However I am so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by a group of wedding professionals that value community over competition, it’s actually a motto that we all stick to! And that is one of the reasons that I created Feature Friday! Because there are so many amazing wedding professionals that need to have a little bit of a spotlight shined upon them! And what better place to do that than here? 

Today’s blog post, if you couldn’t tell from the title, is all about the lovely Hunter Henkel, and her photography business! And here’s a fun fact, the pictures scattered throughout the blog post are from a wedding that the two of us worked together on! 

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Hunter is a native of New York and has photographed a range of events from news, events, portraits, and wedding photography around Richmond for a decade. And after traveling around the Untied States, throughout Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Europe she fully embraces diversity and loves to learn all about new cultures. These experiences are what has driven her to want to capture life and observations through the lens of a camera. And when it came time to go to college, Hunter decided that Virginia Commonwealth University would be the best place to receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Film!  
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However, Hunter’s love of learning and passion for photography propelled her forward and she decided that she wanted to receive a Diploma in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburg. While receiving her education Hunter never stopped. She spent her time shooting editorial photoshoots for clients (one being Style Weekly even!!) And when you talk to hunter her passion for photography is unwavering! 

“I just want to be able to just photograph weddings and just… that’s all I want to do,” and I couldn’t agree with her more! When it comes to hair and makeup that’s all I want to do! I want to set up my kit and talk to my bride while getting her ready for her special day! So when she says all she wants to do is take pictures of weddings… it’s something that I can relate to more than anything! 

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One thing that Hunter and I have a lot in common though (aside from our passion for love and weddings) is our love for our family! Many of you know that the Glam Squad is filled with members of my family. With my niece, my sister, my daughter, and other people who have become like family to me over the years..the people that you surround yourself with are very important when it comes to your success! So when I’m not busy hanging out with my brides, attending weddings, or teaching the Glam Squad Academy I love being able to spend time with my family! 

And when Hunter isn’t photographing weddings or taking photos in general for her clients, she is spending time with her husband and her six year old son! 


The wedding that we were able to work with Hunter on was one that was extremely fun! The energy in the room was so airy and light and if I had to describe Hunter’s photography in two words that would be them: light and airy! It made me even more excited for the fun project that we have coming up very soon! Let’s just say that the light and airy feeling that you get when you work with Hunter? Well it’s one that you will be seeing very soon! 

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