On Wednesday the Glam Squad Academy had a visit from the queen her self soon to be married Jenny McQueen (and yes that pun was definitely intended but also extremely true). Jenny is one half of the duo that makes up Capture Photographya Richmond based wedding photography business.


Jenny and her partner in crime Allison, pride themselves on being able to capture photos that are truly authentic and specific to each couple (by the way, these are all pictures that the two have taken!)

And we were lucky enough to have an inside scoop on just how they get some of their amazing tips! However, mum is the word on our end, you’ll just have to make sure to sign up for our next Glam Squad Academy set of sessions to get the details 😉


Not only does Jenny have the skill, she even has credentials to back them up! Jenny and Allison combine their backgrounds in fine arts and a photo-journalistic style to create their gorgeous images.

Jenny’s love for the business and all of her brides is truly incredible and shines through in each and everyone of her photos! She’s someone that I am extremely blessed to know and I can’t say enough great things about her!