One of my favorite things about the weddings that I attend happens after the wedding is over actually. And it is when the wedding photographer sends me the link for all of the gorgeous pictures that he or she has taken from that special day. Which segways me into today’s Feature Friday post about the lovely Jessica Green of Jessica Green PhotographyWe worked with her recently on our bride Alison’s wedding and it was such a great experience to be able to work with her!


Jessica started Jessica Green Photography her senior year of high school and it has blossomed ever since then in a way that she never imagined. Jessica says that being a wedding photographer is probably one of the most unique careers and she is able to meet some of the sweetest people and some of these people that she’s met have even become some of her closest friends. As with every successful business Jessica has a goal, and that goal is to create timeless, romantic and classic photos for every couple on their wedding day! And that is exactly what she does!


Her photo studio is based out of Stafford, Virginia (an area that I absolutely love because it’s close to Fredericksburg and Fredericksburg means Carl’s Ice Cream which means love and lots and lots of it!) However Jessica didn’t always reside there! She traveled to Stafford from Southern California and moved across the country with her military family and took up residence in little old Fredericksburg. Jessica says that growing up in Virginia opened her eyes to a part of the world that she didn’t quite see in California. She was suddenly part of a community were people were passionate, welcoming and hospitable. And those values were something that definitely stuck with her as she grew in her life and her business grew as well.


Her love for love happened at a young age. She would go to her grandparent’s house and watch them love each other in a way that was so unconditional that it made her heart soar. Being exposed to love at such a young age definitely taught Jessica that love is meant to last and for every person it is absolutely one of a kind. This notion made Jessica want to be there for her couples throughout the entire wedding process. And just like the love from her grandparents inspired her to find that sort of love in her life the photographs of their weddings are what ultimately inspired her to become a wedding photographer. When Jessica realized just how much power a photograph could have and had the potential to build up and make a relationship either positive or negative at the end of the day definitely inspired her.


And it is for that reason Jessica wants each and every one of the couples she works with to put the framed portraits on their walls, their desks at work, and on their nightstands to remind them everyday of the commitment of love that they made to each other and the reason that they made that promise of love to each other in the first place.


Just like my passion for hair and makeup, Jessica uses her passion for photography and love to bring a little extra happiness for people on their wedding day in a way that they will never ever forget as she captures the little moments that will be remembered for a lifetime. Jessica always says how lucky she is that she chose this career and is able to celebrate love for the rest of her life. Her favorite part of her job however is to be able to watch her brides and grooms grow over the years and I have to agree with that. Being able to watch the blossoming of love is one of my favorite parts of what I do and I’m glad I get to share the industry with people like Jessica who are inspired by love just as much as I am!