We all know and love Lou, but do you KNOW Lou? She’s kind, funny, crazy, wild and beautiful. She is such an amazing person and we want you to know some fun facts about her! 

1.  She loves her Jesus and recently got a tattoo to remind her of one of her favorite verses!lou1

2. Lou is rarely seen without a snazzy pair of heels on. She LOVES getting all dolled up!lou2

3. Lou is very active.. you can find her running, riding her bike, or working out at the gym!


4. She has a serious addiction to Victoria’s Secret.


5. Her sister is her best friend and does hair, too! She is a stylist with the Glam Squad.


6. She loves little getaways, especially ones where she can fish!


7. Bonefish is her SPOT! lou1

8. She also loves her wine!


Love is very lovable and we hope you enjoyed reading some fun facts about her!

XOXO, Glam Squad