One lucky student, (or unlucky student depending on how you look at it),  had the nerve-wracking task of doing Lou’s makeup at Glam Squad Academy last night.  We assigned the girls with the task of doing a mock bridal preview.  A bridal preview is a trial run prior to the wedding in which the stylist will try different options and find the right look for each individual bride.  We had all the girls put their name in a hat and drew one to determine which student would be glamifying Lou.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE… The winner is… Jessica!!  Jessica said that at first she was very nervous, (totally understandable), but that she wanted to amaze Lou.  She wanted to display all the techniques and tricks she has learned thus far at Glam Squad Academy.  She also said the conversations she held with Lou during the session lightened up the mood and that Lou was easy to talk with.  Jessica loved how Lou made her mock-wedding so detailed!  She shared with us that Lou was marrying a drummer that she met off of a cruise ship and that they had a whopping 20 people in their bridal party.  Lou also pretended she never wore makeup and said she only sports chapstick, totally not the Lou we know!  Her ceremony would be held under the cafe lights in the ruins at The Mill at Fine Creek and shrimp and grits will definitely be on the menu.  Typical Lou! 

glam-squad-academy-richmond-va-8 —-> click the link to see how Lou’s natural faux-wedding makeup look turned out!

Overall, Lou and Jessica both loved this experience and had such a blast.  The girls all had fun doing their mock-previews and each and every one did an amazing job!  We are so proud of our students and are looking forward to our hair session starting Nov. 7.  Contact us at if you are interested in joining our Academy!