Happy Holidaze

That title could not be any more accurate because this holiday season has just flown by in a blur and it feels like it has just been a hazy daze! It’s already Christmas Eve!! And the only thing that could make me even more excited was if there was a fresh layer of snow on the ground! The weather here in Virginia is so temperamental and for some reason it is close to the end of December and today’s temperature is 53 degrees and rainy. I mean sure the overcast will bring great lighting for the family Christmas Eve photos… but who wants dreary weather on a day that is supposed to be joyful and bright!


A lot of people have holiday traditions, and my family is no different! Of course now that my babies are adults it’s not exactly the same milk and cookies for santa. But the traditions are still close to my heart and something that I really love to think about during this time of the year! And I can’t wait until Benjamin (my little great nephew) is old enough to leave cookies out for santa because how stinking adorable will that be! I’m just imaging him in a little santa hat and writing a letter to santa about what he wants for christmas this year!

And because of that I couldn’t help but share some of the Christmas traditions that my family used to participate in and have adopted over the years!


Santa’s Milk and Cookies- Of course this one is an absolute given! Every Christmas Eve we would bake cookies as a family to leave out for santa. Malory and Killian would lay out the cookies on a plate right next to their notes for santa! And eventually that wasn’t enough and they wanted to make sure the reindeer were taken care of on the excruciating journey all over the world so they started leaving carrots out for them too! And then it wasn’t just carrots but also reindeer food! The recipe was so easy and added another element of holiday spirit to the evening! The recipe is so simple, all you do is mix some oats and a little bit of glitter together to show the magic of christmas! This then gets sprinkled on the lawn and the reindeer (or birds) eat it all up!


The Christmas Movie- Another tradition that we still stick to is a Christmas Eve movie. Who doesn’t love cuddling up on the couch the right before bed? And every year it seems to change, we go from The Grinch, to Elf, to The Polar Express. It just really depends on what the family all agrees on that year! But of course as the years have progressed our audience has expanded a little bit, with Malory and Killian’s significant others joining us for the festivities!


A Light Show– When we lived in Wisconsin we would always drive around to look at the christmas lights! We would all pile into the car, Amanda and Sandy (my sister and Amanda’s mom) would even jump in for the tradition! And that is something that we did even after we moved to Richmond. I don’t know if you have heard Richmond’s Tacky Light Tour, but we kind of do that on our! There are so many beautifully decorated houses in the city and on the outskirts that you can be driving around for hours! And sometimes we loose track of time and do! Now that the family has grown a little we aren’t always able to squeeze into the car together so we all make it a point to go when we can with as many family members we can round up as possible!


Just One Present- Of course when you have young children the anticipation for presents is just a little too overwhelming. So we started the tradition of reindeer presents. While the kids were busy watching the movie I would slip away to leave a little present from the reindeer for the kids. The present was left because the reindeer were just scoping out the best way for santa to get into the house and on the way dropped off a little present for the kids too! Normally the present was something small, like christmas pajamas that they could put on right then and there for the night before the big day!


My Favorite Tradition- But the tradition I love the most is sitting by the christmas tree with a glass of red wine while the kids were drinking hot chocolate. But now we all gather around the tree with wine and reminisce on everything that we have been through during the year!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday!


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