With the holidays approaching it only makes sense that the business of life is getting a little bit overwhelming. Although the joy is spreading through the air a little more and everyone is more caring to the people around them, stress is just something that is inevitable. Especially if you are like me who puts off holiday shopping until the very last minute. And with all of this stress sometimes you need to take a step back and treat yourself.


One of my favorite ways to do that is to have a pamper day. Especially with the winter season when dry skin especially a dry face is something that is extremely not only annoying but could cause some unwanted stress for winter brides. There’s not always time for a spa day, so being able to pamper yourself at home before your wedding day is a must!


Whether the temperature is 90 degrees or 5 degrees having that bridal glow is very important and we want to help ensure that that glow is present on your wedding day with a few tips. And why not ensure that you can have the bridal glow whenever you want! And here are a few things that you can do!

  • Make sure you hydrate and then hydrate some more! No matter what time of year it is it is always important to make sure you are drinking water. This is hands down the best tip I can give anyone to ensure a fresh face! I always make sure I have a giant water bottle with me and make sure that I drink at least two of them! If for some reason water isn’t your thing you can always indulge in a nice calming cup of camomile tea just make sure you don’t add any added sugar to make sure you are getting all of the benefits!


  • Make sure you are moisturizing with SPF, this is an easy way to hydrate your skin from the inside out. I know it sounds like your grandma telling you to always put sunscreen on. But let me just tell you… grandma is always right.
  • Another great way to help your skin is to exfoliate! About a year ago I stumbled across this amazing natural recipe for one and I make sure to use it once a week. You don’t want to exfoliate anymore than that because if you do you might end up making your skin even dryer than it was to begin with!┬áThe recipe includes:

-2 cups of sea salt

-1/3 cup of almond oil

-1 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar

-Then you can add in any scented oil that you would like, I tend to enjoy using tea tree oil and lavender oil! Another great one is peppermint which has cooling properties or even rosemary for extra skin relief!

-All you have to do is mix all of the ingredients together and put it in a sealed container. All you do is apply it to your skin and wash it off with warm water afterwards. This mixture usually lasts for a few months so you don’t have to worry about remaking the exfoliant too often


  • If your hair is a little dry a the ends then you might want to treat yourself to a little trim. Your hair will love you for it and you’ll feel much lighter! IF you are like some of us here and hate getting your hair cut put a little coconut oil on your ends to give them a little bit of repair in the mean time
  • And the perfect end to a lovely little pamper day? Sit on the couch or in your bed and put on your favorite movie, or pull out your favorite book. Everyone needs that wind down time especially during this season. Make sure you take time to relax, maybe even rope someone into giving you a lovely back massage!


All of this at home pampering is only a sneak peak to the pampering that you have on your wedding day. I have had so many brides tell me that it was so relaxing to sit down and not have to worry about their hair and makeup on the big day and that having the cool air of the airbrush machine calmed them down so much (some said they were even put to sleep!) And that’s exactly what we are here for to help you relax, feel pampered, and make you feel like the queen that you are on your wedding day!


There are so many ways to wind down and relax and every does it differently! I would love to know what some of you do on your pamper days in order to wind down and take a much deserved break!