If it’s our favorite, it should be yours too! Eyes: Duraline

I give this product 5 stars. Legit.

This product is so fantastic, I HAD to blog about it and let all our readers know how awesome it is. I have read dozens of reviews on this product, and for the most part, people seem to feel that way I do. There were a few disgruntled customers but I chalked it up to them not knowing how to properly apply. I am completely obsessed with eyeshadow. I have so many palettes and individual shades, it’s almost embarrassing! A lot of times, there are particular shades I love that don’t show up well depending on skin tone or texture. Sometimes when I get darker in the summer, my matter shades don’t show as well. Sometimes on a client with more fair skin, some of my lighter shimmery shades tend to disappear on their skin. Since I have started using Duraline by Inglot, I have not had that issue whatsoever. Duraline is a liquid that is used to turn your shadows into almost a creamy/liquid substance and enhances the shade 5x. It can also be used to bring life back into those dried out eyeshadow pots you have tossed in the bottom of your makeup bag. Just put a drop or two and mix it with your brush!

I decided to swatch some of my favorite shadows with and without Duraline. The product makes my eyeshadows go on smooth! The top are the shadows only with a waterproof eyeshadow primer underneath. The second row are my shadows applied with Duraline. I did this in natural light as well as indoor lighting so you could see the difference!

If you are looking for a product to enhance the application and vibrance of your eyeshadows and liners, this is it! My favorite part of using this product is being able to turn my shadows into eyeliners!

We hope you will give this product a try!

XOXO, Glam Squad

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