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A few nights ago I posted on our instagram page a photo of a card with a quote on it. If you didn’t see that image it read “be strong. be proud. be what you love,” and for the past few months that is exactly what I’ve been and exactly the advice that I’ve been priding myself in following! It’s not always easy to hold your head up in a world that sometimes feels like it’s knocking you down all the time, and because of that I want to share some of my tips and secrets for following your dreams, making your dreams a reality, and how to never loose sight of your dreams! If you have been keeping up with all of the updates on Facebook and our other social media platforms you would see that The Glam Squad is undergoing a lot of changes! 

One of the biggest being our new studio! We are still a part of The Shoppes at the Renaissance, we have just quite literally moved up, and by up, I mean upstairs! The new Glam Squad home is right on Broad Street with not one, but four picture windows, and just yesterday they put the logo on the front of the window and it was something truly amazing to watch! I might be a little guilty of camping out in the space to watch the unveiling, but to watch your dreams come true before your eyes was totally worth it! 

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The story of the Glam Squad is one of my very favorite to tell, and it all started when I was a little girl and would walk by the window front of the local barbershop. After walking past the one chair shop I always dreamed of opening my own one chair salon, and not even in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the career that I have now with my Glam Fam. Instead of a one chair salon, I have a team of over 25 amazing women who are extremely talented in all things hair and makeup! But it is important to know that these amazing things didn’t happen overnight, and there is no way that I could take credit for all of the Glam Squad’s success on my own! It’s the tips and the advice and most importantly the perseverance of all of us in the Glam Fam, but there are five pieces of advice that I have learned over the years that I would love to share with you:

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  1. Give Thanks– being a dreamer means that I have a wandering mind! I am always moving from one idea to the next that sometimes I forget to stop and be thankful for what I have accomplished in the now. It is very important to acknowledge the victories that you experience rather than thinking about the next victory to come! As cliche as it sounds, it’s about the journey and although the destination is wonderful it is oh so very important to remember and give thanks along the way! 
  2. Let your self be upset- learn from your mistakes! It is completely fine to be upset because of your failures! That makes you human! However don’t let yourself stay upset, every failure is a lesson on how to succeed
  3. It takes time- you don’t become an overnight success overnight! I have been in business for almost 27 years…and I’m still dreaming, and my dreams still have a long way to go. No one in this world is an overnight success! Think of your favorite actors, they had to audition hundreds of times and they still have to work for success! Don’t feel discouraged because your dreams aren’t taking flight after just one night! 
  4. Don’t listen to the negative- there will be so many people fighting against you, listen to the people who are fighting for your dream with you! The Glam Fam has to be one of my biggest examples of this, I have surrounded myself with a team of amazing women who share in my dream and their positivity does away with all of the negativity that life throws your way! 
  5. Celebrate the small things- just like you should enjoy the little things in life it is important to celebrate the small successes that bring you closer to reaching your dreams! 

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Following your dreams is so important, no matter how big or how small these dreams keep you afloat in the world and it is an amazing feeling to watch your dreams finally come true! 


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