Long Hair, We Don’t Care!

I’ve ALWAYS had long hair.. since I was younger. I made the silly mistake in hair school to allow a student to “trim” my hair, and they chopped off inches (you know how it goes).  Since then, I have tried every possible method to make my hair grow. I’ve tried oils and vitamins. I even tried that weird horse shampoo.. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about….

I finally found something that actually works!

PHYTO PHYTOPHANÈRE Hair and Nails Dietary Supplement

Harnessing the power of natural elements, each daily dose of this nourishing vitamin, consisting of essential fatty acids and an antioxidant blend, promotes healthy hair growth, strengthens nails, illuminates skin, and fortifies and lengthens lashes. Hair regains its density and shine.

Not only has it made my hair grow inches in just a couple months, my nails are SO long and SO strong. I’ve never had long nails in my life, I’ve always gotten acrylics because my nails always broke or just grew too slow. Not kidding, my nails are amazing. Even my nail guy is in awe of my strong, beautiful nails! Check out my nails after two months of using this!

(Don’t mind my chipped polish, I’m due for a touch up!)

Now for my hair.. My hair grows slow as molasses. No joke. My normal root touch-up was like once every 2-3 months because there wasn’t enough growth to even notice I had roots. Girlllllll… Since I’ve started using this, I have about 3-4 inches of roots. I’ve been trying to grow my natural color out, and boy can you see those roots! And for once I’m not totally mortified.. I’m just extremely excited that my hair is LONG AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!  First photo is obviously the present, after taking these supplements for 2 months.hair

You won’t notice anything right away with your hair, but my nails started growing like crazy within a week! If you’ve been looking for something to help grow your hair back out, help make it healthy again, this is it! The nail growth was just an added bonus for me!

ALSO. DID I MENTION THE BEST PART…… It makes your LASHES GROW!!!!!!!!!! I honestly didn’t even know it targeted lashes until one day I was putting my mascara on and I was like.. what the heck.. I swear my lashes have grown..

Girl. They grew.

XOXO, Glam Squad

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