Lou Day Tuesday: Preparing for the Cold

When the weather changes our makeup routines tend to change too. It’s hard to brace your self for the cold and in a lot of ways the winter weather can completely destroy a makeup look that you thought you had perfected. There are a few little tricks that I’ve come across that keep me feeling fresh faced even on the coldest of days and with the winter months approaching I thought it was time to share those tips with you!

  1. Use an exfoliant once every week– in the winter dry patches are more likely to spring up on your face no matter how much makeup  you  use to try and cover them. By using an exfoliant once a week you get your glow back and remove all of the dry dead skin!
  2. Use a moisturizer– heavy foundation in the winter doesn’t let your skin breathe! An easy trick is to mix some of your foundation with your favorite moisturizer or opt for a tinted moisturizer during the winter months!
  3. Tear- proof your eye makeup– The cold air causes your eyes to water, in order to avoid the running and smudging of your makeup use a waterproof mascara and only apply eyeliner and shadow to the top of your lid
  4. Make those cheeks rosy– The winter season makes our skin much paler, in order to make a washed out face come to life don’t forget to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks while blending towards your cheekbones!
  5. Chapped lips–  If you are guilty of having flaky lips in the winter, try and stick to a tinted lip balm that has sunscreen to hold in moisture. Try to avoid the most current trend of matte lips in these upcoming months because the formulas can be extremely drying!

I’m definitely a summer loving girl, but I love the deep purples and reds that accompany the cold of winter!

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