Everyone has people who inspire them in their lives and for me it’s no different! I wouldn’t be where I am without having people to inspire me and the people who inspired me the most were my mom and a local one-chair barber shop in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

My mom was a kitchen stylist when I was growing up and I remember her always giving me dolls so I could cut and style their hair. My mom taught me so much about following my passions and how to style ¬†hair and that’s really where the love started. But everyday I would walk past Frank’s barbershop and for some reason I just knew in my heart that that’s what I wanted my future to be. I never imagined that my dream of a one chair salon would grow into what it is today…one where there are over twenty other people who share my same dream and are part of my team.


But if there is one place that reminds me of my original love for beauty it has to be Franks barbershop. It also reminds me to share that love and passion with the people around me and to support everyone in their dreams. One way that I’ve began to put that into action is through The Glam Squad Academy. Not only is it a place for me to see the passion in strangers but also the passion that my own daughter has for not only hair and makeup but for teaching as well.

It’s always tempting to grow and become big and large business where everyone can handle their own things. But I always think back to Frank’s and when I do it reminds me why I do what I do everyday. I get to build strong friendships and relationships with my clients and have a one on one dialogue and friendship with all of the people that I surround myself with.


(contact The Academy to share your passion with us because we would love to share ours with you. glamsquadacademy@gmail.com)