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Eyes have always been described as the windows of the soul. This is something that is super important to us as makeup artists in the bridal industry because as soon as you walk down the aisle and you are standing face to face with your fiancé, and all he can look at are your eyes. This is why some brides opt for a more dramatic look, while others want to keep it a little more natural with their look, so they are seen in a softer light. 

Because of that importance, we spent the entirety of last weeks Glam Squad Academy classes focusing on everything that there is to know about creating the perfect eye look for each client. While both Monday’s and Wednesday’s classes featured guest teachers, Monday’s class welcomed back Ryan Jones. Ryan has taught other workshops for The Academy, like the Contour Workshop but this time he directed our attention towards the eyes by creating a bold look that we named “tequila sunrise” on our glammie Alex. We knew ahead of time that this class was going to be treat, because a few days before the actual class date, Amanda and I sat down with Ryan to discuss what we wanted him to cover for the workshop. He demonstrated, the fiery red and orange look on Amanda, while I was left with a look that featured more earthy and jeweled toned colors. Besides being able to teach The Academy students as well as the workshop attendees these bold makeup looks, we also wanted Ryan to give everyone some of his brow tips. 

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Brows are something that everyone is talking about right now, whether or not they look good, and you better believe that they are most talking about if they look bad, it is a part that is just as important as the shadow that you pack o to your lid, because they create a sort of frame for your eyes. One of Ryan’s favorite tips is to never over draw your natural arch because this gives an awkward shape to your brow that does not look natural. Rather than achieving that big sexy brow look that Cara Delevingne has (naturally may I add, and gosh do I hate her for that) you will be getting those 90’s eyebrows that look like they were drawn on with a felt tip brown marker, and no one wants that. (See example here)

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We of course started the night off in the stereotypical Glam Squad fashion! We had name tags hand written for each attendee, chocolate scattered around the studio to nibble on, and a ton of laughs to go around, many of which Ryan was the cause of because of his amazing sense of humor.

What makes Ryan such great teacher is that he not only has knowledge of various techniques and ways to apply the makeup, but he also has immense product knowledge too. He didn’t teach the class just how to put the eye shadow on the lid- you pat the shadow instead of swiping it across- he also talked about which brushes would help give you the effect that you want and which colors would look best being paired together. 

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The tequila sunset eye look that he created on Alex pulled in ruby, gold and metallic brown colors, and instead of opting for a black liner to line the lid, Ryan used a copper liner to complete the look and pull all of the tones together in a way that was simply stunning, and not too overwhelming on someone who has red hair like Alex. While many would think this look is one that you should steer clear from when you are a red head, Ryan told the workshop attendees that you can make any color combination work if you have confidence and don’t make yourself look too tacky. “Brown eyes are always so frowned upon,” Ryan said, but they are his absolute favorite to work with because they provide an open color palette when it comes to shadow. For example, if you have green eyes you should never pair them with a more orangey color, but when it comes to brown eyes the color combinations are endless. 

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Of course who am I to tell you, that you can’t wear your orange tinted eye shadow when you have green eyes? That’s the beautiful thing about makeup, there are so many different ways for you to do you makeup and eye makeup truly is an art form and this class Ryan really taught the students how to express their creativity while still looking amazing and using the proper techniques when it comes to your eyes and eyebrows! 


To stay up to date with our Academy Sessions and Workshops make sure to follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook. Are you interested in being part of our next Glam Squad Academy Session? Visit us on our website here to register and learn all about hair, with The Academy’s Five Week Hair Course. From how to do perfect pin curls, to unique braided updos, learn how to create these looks on your self and on your friends or clients! 

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