Eyes are one of the most beautiful facial features on every woman. On your wedding day we want your eyes to pop and capture everyones attention. All eyes will be on you! We are going to share some secrets you can utilize to make your eyes ‘sparkle’ and stand out in your wedding pictures. After all your wedding photos will be on display forever!

Eyedrops: Seems simple enough right? Eye drops are a good way to emphasize the whites in your eyes. Just add a few drops in your eyes before you put on your makeup for a soothing effect.

 White Eyeliner: When you apply white eyeliner to your waterline it help open up your eyes. They will look bigger and more awake! You can also try a flesh color liner for a more subtle look.

 Well Sculpted Eyebrows: Well shaped brows do give eyes lots of definition! Get your brows to look natural, but well defined on your wedding day.

 Eyeliner: A little bit of eyeliner on the bottom lashes is all you need to open up the eyes. It doesn’t ave to be dramatic to achieve the look. Make sure you blend it well with the eye shadow you used in the socket line. Also put your eyeliner three quarters of the way along the lash line or you could end up making your eyes look smaller!

Mascara: Every woman almost never leaves the house without some mascara! It can instantly make you look more awake and put together. First start with curling your eyelashes at the roots and hold for three to five seconds, then pulse halfway down the lashes three times. Next apply a lengthening mascara to upper and lower lashes. Then wiggle a volumizing mascara against the roots. Then swish your wand across your corner lashes to beef them up. Vola!

Contour your Eyes: You can contour your eyes to make them bigger and shape them. You can blend a matte darker shadow into the socket line of your eyelids, and blend in well to avoid harsh lines.