Matrimonial Monday: Brooke

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had an amazing weekend spent with family, friends and all those you hold dear and near to your heart because that is exactly what I did this past weekend, and that is exactly what our bride Brooke did as well. Because this weekend she walked down the aisle towards her “I do” with all of her loved ones gathered around. 

If we are being honest, there is something incredibly special about getting married in the spring. The flowers are in bloom, all of the sleeping animals are peaking out of hibernation and wedding season is most definitely upon us. These past few days were filled with all of that and more for the Glam Squad, as our team spilt up to cater to our multiple brides, one of those brides being the ever so lovely, Brooke. 

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I always get so excited when our brides choose to get ready in our studio, especially now with our new space. One by one, each member of the bridal party took turns sitting in our white styling chair, with a vision in their mind of exactly what they wanted done to their hair. Each of Brooke’s bridesmaids choose their own hairstyle in order for them to feel happy and as confident as possible for the day. Brooke wanted her joy and confidence in her future and her trust in our Glam Fam to radiate through her bridal party as well, and it definitely did! 

And as Brooke was getting ready, her calm and blissful energy was a feeling that radiated throughout the entire room while counted down the minutes until she got to walk down the aisle. But the best part was being able to see how in love she is with her new husband. 

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Brooke told us that every morning way before her  husband’s own alarm is even set to go off, he wakes up to pack a lunch for Brooke to take to work, especially because her busy schedule as a paraprofessional has her running around with hardly anytime to eat breakfast. From the moment she met him, she knew that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him and the day that they both  had been waiting for, had finally arrived and the joy in the room was indescribable. 

Most of the time in the Glam Studio was spent sipping on mimosas and reminiscing on memories they all shared together. From how they listened to the Jonas Brothers constantly, what it was like to grow up together, and the love stories and people that led them all to this very moment. 

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What most people don’t know is that we only get to spend a limited amount of time with the Bride and her bridal party and that we don’t actually get to see the magical moments until the photographer shares the photos with us. However, the moments that we do get to spend with them are a special kind of magic that no one else gets to experience expect for us.

After everyone was ready, dresses on, bobby pins in place, and lipstick in its perfect shade, the bridal party were on their way to the Vintager Inn. Where Brooke and her husband said “I do” with all of their family watching them step into their future as husband and wife. 



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