One of the best things about weddings is sharing the love you feel with everyone who is important to you. You and your fiance stand in front of your closest friends and family and profess your love and promising one another forever. This feeling is even more important and special when your family is spread up and down the east coast! Which was definitely the case for our bride Erin this weekend. Erin and her new husband choose the gorgeous Fairview Farm for their wedding venue. The venue has beautiful cottages spread across the land which made for the perfect place for Erin and her husbands families to gather together for the special day!


Erin and her bridal party had their own separate cottage for them to get ready for the wedding. Family is something that is so important to me and it always melts my heart to see people who share in the joy that family brings. That joy radiated from the room as soon as we walked into the cottage. We were greeted by Erin’s nieces and nephew and their upbeat and childlike excitement rubbed off on all of us in the room! The energy and happiness was overwhelming in the best way possible.

In most cases family can stress you out. Even just the thought of so many different personalities merging together can drive you crazy. But Erin was the calm in the midst of the storm. She actually seemed to be thriving in the family atmosphere and was happy to be around some of the family that she doesn’t get to see often this special day.


The family couldn’t help but rave about the location that they were in. Fairview Farm is a huge beautiful piece of land with rustic barns and cozy cottages that made me want to just snuggle up with a blanket on the couch (and I was extremely jealous of the family members that got to!!) Erin and her husband Brett actually choose this venue because it is such a good place for everyone to be close to each other, just a five minute walk between cottages to see family members that they haven’t seen in a while!

Ok.. I know you’ve all been waiting for it (and it’s my favorite part too!) how did Erin and Brett meet. Erin was at a local bar with some of her volleyball teammates, the girls would frequent the bar and that’s where she met Brett the bartender. Brett would just talk to Erin, give her drinks, and food, but ignore everyone else at the table. This went on for about three months until he decided to take the plunge and ask her out. The two began to date and after eight years of dating Brett got down on one knee and asked Erin to marry him last September at the Belmont Winery!


Unlike most brides who opt for a more natural look on their wedding day Erin opted for a more glamorous look for her makeup! Although playing to her features to make it look as natural as possible! With a dark lip, her makeup look was one that is perfect as we move into December and the winter months! Erin’s hair was in twisted and turned into a beautiful braided updo, that came together in a bun in the back. Her hair and makeup came together perfectly, and her photographer Shannon Hennessey couldn’t stop raving about how gorgeous Erin looked as she snapped photos of the finished look!


Erin looked stunning! And her nieces couldn’t help but look at their aunt in awe even saying she looked like a princess! With their curls bouncing up and down in excitement for what was to come! It was a beautiful day and we feel so lucky to have been able to share in the joyful celebration with Erin and her loved ones!