With the way that technology has progressed, it only makes sense that more and more couples are finding their happily ever afters online! And for one of our couples this past weekend that’s exactly what happened!¬†Two years ago Doug sent Mariah his first email, an email that neither one of them thought would lead to marriage however that was exactly the final destination! Mariah told us how Doug won her heart with his grammar (something a lot of people aren’t great at believe me) and the humor that he conveyed in his stories!


One of my favorite things about my job is to hear engagement stories and Mariah and Doug had one for the books! While Mariah was getting her hair and makeup done she told us how last Thanksgiving her and her loved ones were sat down around the dinner table when Doug decided that everyone should go around the table and say what they were thankful for! Everyone went around and said their piece but when it was Doug’s turn he pulled out an engagement ring and the rest is soon to be history!

Mariah and her mom took it upon themselves to hand make all of the decorations for the wedding day, Mariah even working on her hairpiece while sitting in the chair with the bride to be apron draped over her shoulders.


As soon as Kaitlyn was done, Mariah finished her head piece as well. It was almost as if the two were synchronized swimmers, but their pool was a gorgeous head of hair!

Mariah and Doug are currently soaking up the sun in Jamaica, something we are totally jealous of especially with all of the wet and gross weather we have been experiencing here! Wishing the two safe travels and a happy future!