The Quirk Gallery Hotel was the setting for Whitney and her bridesmaids to get glammed up for her wedding this past Saturday. But it almost wasn’t the Glam Squad that got her ready for her special day. Whitney had a trial with another company before coming to us and didn’t have a great experience. However, after she met Amanda she couldn’t have been happier because we listened to exactly what she wanted instead of just just piling makeup onto her face!


Whitney was in a white robe, just like any bride to be should, and her bridesmaids were clad in purple robes with their names engraved on the front.


Funnily enough it was thanks to one of Whitney’s bridesmaids that this big day even happened. Whitney and her now husband, August, met at a party hosted by one of their friends after the annual Monument 10k in Richmond. Although Whitney doesn’t remember her first impression of August she remembers feeling that there was a certain pull that made her say yes to the first date.

Whitney and her bridal party are a perfect example of how you meet your best friends during college. Being a James Madison University Graduate her bridal party consisted of women that she met during her years in College.


The carefree and happy attitude of Whitney radiated throughout the room and made for a very magical wedding day!

Whitney and August left Sunday for their honeymoon in Italy, but in the midst of catching their flight Whitney made sure to shoot a lovely text to Amanda saying, “Thank you all so much yesterday! Everything was perfect and stayed just where it needed to while we danced all night!:) y’all are the best!!”

The beautiful couple by photographer We are the Mitchells

The beautiful couple by photographer We are the Mitchells

The Glam Squad has brides of all different styles and for that reason we know how important it is to be able to do not just super glam makeup but also very natural makeup. When it’s your wedding day it’s your preference and we make sure to listen to each individual bride during their trial in order to create a customized look that works perfectly for them and their big day!