Today we celebrate Rachel! We ADORE Rachel. Her heart is always in everything she does and she is so genuine. We are so lucky to have met her and to have her on our team as a hairstylist! She is always ready to go with the BEST attitude. We have never seen her without a smile on her face and you can always hear her giggling at someone or something. Sweet Rachel, we are so blessed and honored to have someone like you as a stylist with the Glam Squad!



We asked Rachel what inspired her to start doing hair:

 I decided to go into styling hair and cosmetology after one night I was doing my friend Bethany’s hair for her birthday party, and she said “you know you do everyone’s hair, why not become a cosmetologist?” I thought about how right she was, and that summer I signed up for cosmetology school.

What inspires you when working with brides?

When I’m doing bridal hair, I want to make them feel more beautiful and happy than ever before. The smile on their faces when they see themselves becomes my inspiration.

Check out some of her work below!!



photo4 photo2