Lou’s Day Tuesday: Meeting Monte

When attending a special event at The Greenbrier, Lou never imagined forging a relationship with the events host,  Monte Durham, who is a Fashion Director on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta.  That meeting was the beginning of a very special relationship between the two.

“I didn’t know that he had been a hairstylist too,” said Lou, “I only found that out after I learned that he had done one of the models hair.”

Elevator group selfie!!!

Elevator group selfie!!!

The two chatted for a while at The Greenbrier Resort and the next thing they knew they were friends.  With many things in common, Lou And Monte just hit it off both sharing a love for hair, makeup, and all things bridal.  Once Lou found out Monte had a line of hair care products, she immediatly had to try them and fell in LOVE.  Monte has been nothing but supportive of Lou and the two of them keep in contact often.  Lou holds dearly to the relationship because she knows that Monte has a lot of great advice and knowledge to offer.


One of The Glam Squad's favorite products, Monte's Ever Hold Hair Spray!!

One of The Glam Squad’s favorite products, Monte’s Ever Hold Hair Spray!!


Quick pic at Lou's 25th Anniversary Party

Quick pic at Lou’s 25th Anniversary Party


“Anything I have ever needed Monte has always been there for me,” said Lou.

However, the most special thing that Monte did during their friendship, in Lou’s opinion, was attend Lou’s 25th anniversary party along with her birthday party.  “It just meant so much to me that he came,” the relationship the two have formed has gone way past just business but has become a very important friendship and support system as well.  So here’s to Lou and Monte! Two incredibly passionate people whole heartedly dedicated to the wedding industry and helping one another.

Monte speaks at Lou Stevens Glam Squad's 25th anniversary party

Monte speaks at Lou Stevens Glam Squad’s 25th anniversary party

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