Mother of the Bride

Let’s be honest everyone the most important person on a wedding day after the bride, is the mother of the bride. I hate to break it to you grooms, but if mama isn’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. And being a mom I can definitely a test to that! A lot of times we have moms think that they can’t have their hair and makeup done and that’s definitely not true at all! And if last nights academy class proved anything… Momma can still look pretty dang good!


As a mature woman, I know that the makeup I wear can’t be the same as our twenty year old something stylists, and it doesn’t have to be. I like being mature and having that edge of sassiness mixed with classiness and a lot of that comes with hair style. That’s why we felt it was extremely important to have a separate class teaching the academy students Mature Hair 101.


With a few bottles of wine and mini cakes in tow the class commenced, and I have to say it was probably my favorite academy class yet! Our models were amazing, they were so talkative and it was great for the students to be able to practice what it would be like with a real client in front of them. Our models had all different types of hair so the girls were able to get a good feel of styles for each length of hair and the best way to make the mother of the bride feel her very best.


The most important thing when doing mature hair is to focus on softness, you want it to be extremely soft around the face. In most cases we don’t want to make the hair look too extravagant (and to be honest we tend not to go that way regardless of age) because the bride wants to be able to look over and recognize her mom during the ceremony versus saying who the heck is sitting in the front row of my wedding! Another thing I love to make sure to include while doing the hair for a mother of a bride is volume. Of course you always ask them what they are most comfortable with, a lot of volume or minimal, but in most cases a little plump up of the hair is the way to go! The bigger the hair the closer to god, (I just want to clarify that we do not live by that motto here at the glam squad) but adding the volume always gives it a little something special!


The first demonstration that I did was on Debbie who runs a wedding planning business called Sunshine Events by Debbie who has long hair. As I was going through the steps on Debbie the girls were working on their models, teasing and smoothing and twisting. And let me tell you they did absolutely amazing!

I think my favorite part of the class was the end when I got to demonstrate on Debbie (a different Debbie than the first, confusing I know) because she is a short haired beauty just like me and I love getting to do hair for other women with short hair! Our class was a little more intimate last night so I was able to show the girls how to do the hair and then pass the tool to them so they could practice right away!


It was especially rewarding to have Debbie there because the mannequin heads that the girls normally work on have longer hair so it was great to be able to have the different style for them to work on.

At the end of the day, being a mom is a hard job in general and seeing your baby girl getting married is a very emotional event. The last thing that you should worry about is feeling confident in the way you look during that day. It is just as important for the mother of the bride to feel just as beautiful as the bride herself.


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