For us, Spring means brides, bridal previews, portraits, WEDDINGS, hair, makeup, WEDDINGS, and more weddings. But, as we take a moment to pause before the start of the busiest 9 months of our year, we realize that there are some AMAZING trends in store for this Spring season. Working in this industry, we have to stay up to date on all trends in the fashion and beauty industry. To stay on top in this field of profession, we have to keep up with new trends and fashion statements! Although you will never see us wearing any color other than black on a typical wedding-filled weekend, we like to express our creativity and passion through our fashion just like any other woman! One exciting thing we have noticed about this upcoming season during Fashion Week is the use of PASTELS. You may think there are reasons why you can’t pull pastel colors off, but it’s not true. There are so many different type of clothing pieces in pastel colors that can flatter ANYONE. I recently purchased a pastel pink crop jacket (eek! Next trend!) and I am SO excited to rock it! Boxed Crop Jackets Though the models seem to pull these off like no one else can, don’t let that fool you. All you have to do is find the right fit and pairing and you’ll be so glam and up with the trends! This trend is one I have been waiting to come back into play. WIDE LEG TROUSERS. Seriously, ANYONE can pull these off. They can be a really flattering item, accentuating all the right curves. TEA LENGTH SKIRTS. Are you now asking yourself what in the world is a tea length skirt? It is longer than knee length yet shorter than a maxi dress. It makes me want to don one and prance around to the Grease soundtrack. It totally has a 1950’s feel! GORGEOUS!   Excuse me while I run to the nearest Forever21 to stock up on pastels and tea skirts. Be bold this Spring and rock these looks! Xoxo, The Glam Squad