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We have so many people ask us if our bride’s photographs are edited to make her look like she has flawless skin or if it the makeup, and I can honestly tell you right now that it is the makeup! We offer our brides two options for their foundation, regular application and airbrushed foundation! And when people ask me which one I think is best, it is airbrush hands down! I was going to title this blog post “Airbrushed to Perfection” but that probably would have given the wrong idea to everyone! Especially because I am 100% against airbrushing people in photos to hide “flaws” that aren’t even there in the first place! That’s why I love the airbrush foundation because it gives you confidence while still allowing you to look like yourself!


And what people don’t realize is that it is as easy as counting to ten to use (once you learn to use it that is!!) And we would love to help teach you so you can achieve this look on yourself! The glammies and I use our airbrush machine’s to do our own makeup when we have the time and it allows for an even finish that you don’t always get (or maintain throughout the day) when using a sponge or brush to apply foundation! And the best part? It is extremely light! Do you ever have those days where you just feel like your face is so heavy because of the build up or the makeup, or even in the summer you sweat off foundation in two seconds flat. But the worst thing? When foundation is caked on.. and I’m sure when I said that someone particular in popped into your mind (maybe you can even invite them to take the class!)


All of these reasons are why The Glam Squad Academy is offering a class on the airbrush makeup! It’s a class that is unlike any of the other academy courses that we have offered thus far and I think it is going to be one of our very best!

It will be set up in two parts, one class that explains how to actually use the airbrush and then how to clean the machine! Both of these parts are very important to know how to do and we are so excited to show you how to do it in a fun and extremely hands on way!


Also, it’s so important to know that you don’t have to be a makeup artist or even an aspiring makeup artist to take the airbrush course! You can just have a passion for makeup, or want a way to do foundation that gives you a little bit of a confidence boost! And having confidence in yourself is one of the most important things in life. When you don’t believe in yourself and put yourself down, all that does is open the door for others to put you down too. And if you feel like maybe you don’t like a scar on your face, or maybe you struggle with acne and the normal foundation techniques don’t really work the way you would like it to then this might be the answer you are looking for!


When I started Lou Stevens Glam Squad I started it wanting to help women feel the best and be their most beautiful self on their wedding. And in doing that, their natural beauty always shines through. And that is my goal with the academy as well, whether you just want to learn these techniques to be a makeup artist or because you want to do it on your self!!

We have two airbrush workshops coming up in the next couple of weeks and we would love to have you at them!

  • First: March 2nd
  • Second: March 12th


There are only six seats in each class and so far the first class is already almost filled and seats in the class on the 12th are starting to be filled as well! Make sure to email glamsquadacademy@gmail.com to sign up for the workshop and get all of the details that you need!

I almost forgot the most exciting part! The airbrush is included in the price of the class!! So not only will you get to learn how to use it and clean it…you get to take it home with you that day too!!!


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