We LOVE that the short hair trend is making a comeback. But we know for brides with short hair they can feel at a loss for wedding-day styles. We wanted to highlight some of the styles and techniques we’ve seen online and even recreated on our beautiful brides to put those short-haired girls at ease! Keeping things simple with some curls and a headpiece or ornate clip is an easy way to highlight your ‘do!

Girls with a bob can have it straightened for a sleek, glamorous look.

OR braided back for a chic but more casual look!


And if your hair is short, but closer to shoulder length we can create some fabulous up-do’s!

Don’t be discourage if you have short hair.. there are still so many styles and options for you on your wedding day! These above are some beautiful styles, but you can find SO much more on Pinterest!!

XOXO, Glam Squad