With Spring Break right around the corner, this is your first real chance to soak up tons of son after this gross, cold winter! All you should be thinking about on Spring Break is how much fun you’re having and how many cute boys you see! No need to waste hours perfecting your hair and makeup! We’ve gathered some superrrrr cute and easy styles for Spring Break! These styles are so low maintenance but anyone can do them!!

Messy Top Knot

After you hop out of the pool or ocean, run a wide comb through your hair as well as some leave in conditioner. Pull your hair up into a high pony, twist the pony around and secure with a couple bobby pins. Leave some pieces around your face! Easy peasy.

Side Braid Low

Braids are pretty timeless and they always look cute. They can fit any look your going for, casual to dressy. All you do is pull your hair to the side, braid, and pull on the braided pieces to give it a loose look. Pull a couple pieces out around the face and spray! Voila!

Braided Low Bun

This look is perfect for a dinner with your girls or a bonfire on the beach! All you do is grab small sections of your hair near the front and braid. Roll the hair up in the back, secure with pins and then pin in the braids!

Inside Out Pony

This is an oldie but goodie.. I used to do my hair like this when I was 5 and now as an adult. It’s a super easy way to glam up a pony tail and give it a little somethin’ extra! All you do is create a low pony, secure with a band, and flip ponytail up and into your hair, pulling it all the way through!

XOXO, Glam Squad