Terrible Trends From the Early 2000’s!

Throwback Thursday: Worst Hair and Makeup From the 2000’s! 

Makeup and hair are forever evolving, but that doesn’t mean that what we’ve done in the past isn’t totally horrible! I did half of these to myself and at the time thought I was hot stuff. I look back now and shake my head in embarrassment! Here are some of the worst trends from the early 2000’s: 

Glitter eyeshadow, overly curled hair with little braids at the roots, pink streaks with lips to match. C’mon, Christina…this is just bad! 

Crimped hair! We’ve started to see this come back unfortunately! Who thought hair looked good when it resembled crinkle-cut french fries?! 

Black eyeliner EVERYWHERE that looks like you slept in it! 

Chunky highlights that ended up looking like stripes!

Fire engine red hair with blonde highlights! Cringe!

White eyeshadow covering basically your entire eye area…though we call admit Britney’s red, plastic jumpsuit made us super envious! 

If you’re still rocking one of these trends, more power to ya!

XOXO, Glam Squad

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