The lovely Khilia is one of our graduates from our Glam Squad Academy Makeup Course and I am so happy to have her as part of the Glam Squad! She is a phenomenal makeup artist and has such a big heart that makes her such an amazing human as well!

Today’s Team Thursday is a little Q&A with Khilia herself and I can’t wait for all of you to get to know her just a little bit better!


What makes the Glam Squad so special to you?

K: The Glam Squad is just somewhere you can feel comfortable growing with. They are just all supportive, from Lou, to Amanda, it really is like a family. 

What was your experience with the Glam Squad Academy like? 

K: The Academy was super enjoyable! I was able to meet colleagues and work with beautiful models to gain additional practice! 

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

K: I’m honestly just like every other makeup lover. I enjoy being able to transform faces and enhancing people’s natural beauty! I really love shopping and just all things beauty really! 

What is your favorite makeup look that you’ve ever done?

K: I love the classic neutral matte cut crease look with a vibrant red lip! 

What is your favorite makeup look in general?

K: I like a clean dewy makeup look. I like the minimalist trend that’s going on right now! 

We can’t wait to see just all that Khilia can do and we are so happy that she is one of our newest Glammies!