Tease your Hair the Right Way! Add Some ‘Oomph’ to Your Style!

Women have been teasing their hair since the 80’s and sometimes it can have the negative connotation of looking like a birds nest, or sometimes too much poof. But teasing is very common to achieve that runway look, wedding styles, and some everyday styles. We use teasing a lot when we do hair for weddings and photoshoots so we are going to give you a few pointers on how to tease your hair properly and work it into your everyday look!

Find the proper tool: Most women make the mistake of using a fine tooth teasing comb, which can actually damage your hair. Next time go for a teasing brush which has gentler, serrated boar bristles varied in length to give you friction without breakage.

Prep: You need to create grip to hold the tease. You can do this by using texturized spray to add some traction that you’ll need to allow the backcombing to stick. It’s more important to concentrate on the roots since this is where the teasing will be taking place.

The Stroke: Next you want to section off the part of your hair you want to tease, and put that in front and clip it to the side. This will be the hair you use to cover teased areas. Then, take sections about a half-inch wide, and pull the hair tight and away from your head. Brush against the grain in short strokes, until you have teased all the sections of the hair you want.

The Backcomb: The section of your hair that you pinned aside you can let down and use the comb to smooth it over the your teased hair. If you need to move any section of your hair use the pointed side of the teasing bush so you don’t mess up your hair.

Lock it in: Use an aerosol hairspray and spray in the direction you want your hair to lie and mist it so you don’t ruin the volume.

Here are some styles that involve teasing for you to see!

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