The Glam Squad has been so blessed to be a part of so many different amazing things. From hosting the beauty room at the Wedding MBA in Las Vegas for the past two years, to amazing styled shoots with amazing photographers like Erika Mills and various bridal magazines. Sometimes I wake up and truly think that my life is a dream and wonder when I’m going to wake up (I’m telling you, I tend to pinch myself often to make sure this is in fact my reality). I know that some people don’t get to wake up and go to their dream job. Let alone get to play with people’s hair and faces!


Today I want to take it back to one super fun thing that the Glam Squad has gotten to do so far! In 2014 (I know it seems like such a life time ago!) we got the chance to appear on Virginia this Morning in Richmond! It was amazing to get to go on a local news station to talk about the Glam Squad because this is where the Glam Squad started! We were the first exclusive hair and makeup business that specializes in weddings and all things bridal! Richmond is such a fun and eclectic place to live and it is such a hub for creativity that Lou Stevens Glam Squad and the City of Richmond just seemed like the perfect pairing!


This segment highlighted what I like to call the triple T’s: tips, tricks, and trends for Summer of 2014. As I was watching back the clip I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the trends that we spoke about. I guess that is why things are called trends because they come in and out of style depending on what is considered “in” in the beauty industry at that time, and lets be honest, it’s always changing (but I was mostly laughing about how uncomfortable Amanda looked on the screen…let’s just say it was bad. And I wouldn’t be doing my job as her Aunt if I didn’t make fun of her for it!)

With three different looks to talk about you definitely get a sense of everything that brides were loving at this time! No matter what we do we always want our hair and makeup to look timeless in a way. We never want our brides to look back at their wedding pictures and say…”I loved my hair on the day, but now looking back what was I thinking?” Our goal is to have you love your look whether it is a year from the date or if you are showing your wedding photos to your great grand kids 40 years from now!


The first look that we showed was one we called Sultry summer. This look focuses on a lighter makeup in order to give the bride a fresh and natural look. This is something that really hasn’t changed all that much because with a majority of our brides we do opt for a more natural look for their wedding day. Most brides don’t want a dramatic eye because they don’t want to look unrecognizable from how they look on a day to day basis. And with makeup, we use it to act as an enhancer for the beauty that you already exude! We paired this look with a top knot bun, which are still super on trend, but now a days are just not as sleek and perfected but much messier, to help keep the bride cool on a hot summer day! This look is one that can be transitioned into winter by darkening up the eyes just a little bit!


By darkening her eyes it definitely made the look a little more night time like for an evening wedding and the texture in her bun makes it so much fun!

The second trend that we demonstrated was called Dark and Demure. This is definitely a look that could easily turn into a fall or winter wedding look with out an issue. It was a messy textured bun that framed the face in an elegant way paired with a deep wine colored lip! The wine and dark maroons and purples have become so popular this year that I love looking back and seeing it being highlighted during this segment! This is definitely a little bit more of a dramatic look but hey, who doesn’t love a little drama?!


Although this photo doesn’t have the dark lips, the hair is definitely up to par with the style that we talked about on the show! This makeup is light and fresh and it is waiting to be glammed up even more with that wine lip stain!

The last look that we showed was a loose side braid. We called this look Orange you Glad because we used a little orangey tint to both the lips and the cheeks of our model! If you read our wedding trend post you would have seen that braids and the messy texture combine two of the trends that are most popular right now! The makeup look was a little bit of a white eyeshadow (something that we don’t really use as much because those white eyelids are a little too 90’s) but we used that white on the eyes to accentuate the orangey and coral colors that brighten up the cheeks and the lips!


It is so fun to see how even in two years how certain trends have died out or have even become more commonplace for us to do for weddings! Each year is different and I love being able to grow and learn just as beauty trends grow and change as well!

If you are interested in seeing a little flashback  (and to have a nice little laugh at Amanda) feel free to click the link below!

WTVR Hair & Makeup with Lou!