I always love a good Throwback Thursday and it’s been a few weeks since the last one that we’ve done so I thought today’s blog post would be the perfect opportunity to do just that! We are taking it back to one of our brides Tara who was married at the lovely Fairview Farm!

I remember that Tara and all of her bridesmaids were so quiet when we arrived so we weren’t sure what the mood would be for the rest of the day, but we quickly found out that Tara and her bridesmaids were just like us and extremely hilarious!


Fairview Farm is such a beautiful and unique location for a wedding! It is such a relaxing farm estate that is perfect for bridal parties! The farm house is absolutely stunning and I always love being able to make the journey there! And I can’t wait until the next time we get to go back! We have a video on our youtube channel from another bride’s wedding that even highlights just how beautiful the grounds are and how gorgeous the house itself is too! Although it’s a far drive from our little old Richmond it’s definitely worth the drive to be able to see a group of beautiful women get ready for one of the biggest days of the bride’s life!

We hope that you are still as fabulous as ever Tara! And we wish for your continued happiness in all that you do!