We know you want your big day to be absolutely perfect! You’ve hired a photographer or videographer, your friends are constantly taking photos of you and you will be the center of attention! Wouldn’t you be so upset to look through the photos and notice your lipstick was on your teeth, your mascara smudged or some other makeup mishap took the focus away from you and your new spouse? Here are a few things we suggest you keep with you after the ceremony to avoid your hair and makeup from getting messed up and what you can use to fix them if they do:

  1. Q-tips: These are a must! With a little water or makeup remover you can fix smudged lipstick, eyeliner and mascara. Plus you can use the other end to apply concealer after wiping the smeared makeup away! 
  2. Hairpins and hair ties: When you’re dancing the night away or hugging all of your guests, your hair may slightly move out of place. Hairpins can re-secure any flyaway pieces and hair ties come in handy if your hair is down and you want it up on the dance floor. 
  3. Hair spray: See above! Tame your hair with a travel-sized bottle of hairspray. 
  4. Tissues: You’re probably going to cry and they can double as blotting papers if you don’t want to carry those as well!
  5. A compact mirror: In case you can’t sneak away to check the bathroom mirror, it’s handy to carry a little one with you to quickly check your hair and makeup!

XOXO, Glam Squad