Tutorial Thursday: Milk Maid Braids!

This is hands down one of my favorite easy-peasy looks of the summer. It’s one of those styles that look like it took a long time to do when it actually only took you 10 minutes tops. There are so many awesome styles for summer and this one won’t disappoint! The name sounds silly but it seemed appropriate, lol! Braids rock and the more braided styles you have under your belt, the better!


How gorgeous is Kelsey?! Our wonderful intern likes to stand in as my model sometimes; she loves it! 🙂

First things first, it’s nice to have a little texture with this style. Let your hair dry naturally, spray a little sea salt spray in it to give it some texture and wave! Then part your hair in the middle creating two sections, as if you were making pigtails 🙂


Next, braid each side!


After you finish a braid, pull it up over the top of your head like a headband..


Pin the braid in place! You can place bobby pins within the braid, securing it to your head and also hiding them!


Do the other side!


Now, once you get to the top, you’re going to tuck the braided ends under the opposite braid, securing it with a pin..


After this, you can pull the braid apart some if you want to loosen it up or make the braid larger!






Give this braid a try and let us know what you think!

XOXO, Glam Squad

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