Wedding Hair Myths and A Few Don’ts

One of my favorite things to talk about on the blog are all of the myths that surround weddings! We have done articles about myths that surround the day of the wedding itself, but this blog post is all about your wedding day hairstyles and the different myths and cautions that should just be thrown straight out the window! 

When it comes to wedding days it is important to understand that anything can go. If it is your dream to have your hair in a beehive then fulfill that dream! If you want a unicorn petting zoo (which one of our brides did have!!) then give yourself that unicorn. Weddings have a stigma of how they should be, but when your wedding date approaches it is important for you and your significant other to throw every single myth that you thought to be true right out the window! 

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Our bride Jody with her groom Frank, planner Kim Moody Design, photographer was Jessica Maida. Hair and makeup by glammie Amanda.

One myth that is super common, and one that I have to definitely dispute is that you NEED to have long hair for your wedding day! Ladies, if you want to cut it all of do it. You can still look feminine and sexy with a shorter hair style! Never be afraid to keep your hair at a short length if that’s how you want it! You don’t have to have these long flowing locks that photographs depict brides with! You can be just as beautiful on your wedding day with a short style too! 

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Our bride Lauren who married her groom Seth at Berry Hill Resort . This was from her engagement pics. Hair and Makeup by Amanda.


Another myth is that you have to wear your hair down. Of course some styles of dresses look better with you hair down, but there is no rule book that states, you must wear your hair down with a strapless dress! And because of that, the myth that you have to wear your hair up can be debunked too! The truth of the matter is, you wear your hair up, or down and the choice is yours! 

You will of course have stylists who advise you on what they think will look best, especially when it comes to your hair texture and type, but at the end of the day, it is your decision and there is no right or wrong one! I can tell you from experience however that if you are getting married in the summer (especially if you live in Virginia) you might want to wear your hair up because of the humidity! That way you don’t have to worry about your curls falling or sweating to death! 

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Updo by Kaitlyn, from a styled shoot we did for Watters

And even though your wedding day hair style is your choice, there are a few don’ts that you should follow. The first being, if you don’t like what you see…stop your stylist! You want to love your hairstyle and not regret the look you had all those years later. Looking back at your wedding pictures should be a joy! You don’t want to regret anything from that day! All you should feel is the love that is shared between you and your hubby! So if you don’t like what you see when you go in for your trial- tell your stylist! 

Another don’t is don’t overload your hair with the accessories. A gorgeous clip that was your grandmothers can always be the touch that makes your hair perfect but five of those clips, plus a flower crown? That might not be the best way to go! You don’t want to take away from all of the other elements that make up your wedding day look! So if you want to go for a flower crown, leave the clips behind or vice versa! Less can always be more when it comes to your hair! 

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 12.50.04 PM

The Richmond Weddings Cover shoot with hair and makeup by Lou! Photographer Kristine Pringle. Taken at the Adams International School.

The last little bit of advice I want to give you is to not make any major changes when it comes to your hair. The days or even weeks leading up to your wedding are probably some of the most stressful and sometimes when you’re stressed you don’t always make rational decisions. Make sure any changes you make in regards to your hair aren’t on a whim, if you have been thinking about going short for years and just never had the guts to do it until now that is a little different… but if you just get tired of always pushing your hair off your face and run to the salon in a moment of weakness for a chop that could be catastrophic! 

The main thing when it comes to your wedding day hair is remember that it is YOUR hair! Let the style you choose be one that makes you feel gorgeous and happy for years to come! 

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