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Happy Monday lovelies! It has been an amazing weekend! I started it off with a coffee date at Quirk! If you saw the instagram post that day, then you might now exactly who it was with! But if not, I finally had the pleasure of meeting one of the sweetest women ever, McKenzie! She is the founder and creator of Mac’s Smack and I’ve been using her products all weekend and I’m so obsessed! Not only does she have an amazing heart, but she uses that heart to propel  her business forward! While we were waiting for the barista at Quirk Hotel to make our drinks we started talking about how she began her business and needless to say…I have had the pleasure of meeting yet ANOTHER inspiring woman! And hearing all about why she wanted to make a product that consists of pure ingredients from all natural sources in the area made me even more obsessed with her and the products that she takes such care in producing!

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But instead of spending this entire blog post raving about how amazing Mckenzie’s products, I’m going to get back into the main reason of this blog post! Wedding Wednesday!! I’ve told you all this many times before but Wednesday’s are my favorite because of these posts! Being a hair and makeup business that specializes in just weddings, my brides become some of my closest friends and I take such care in making sure that their days are as perfect as they can be, because it is a day that they will remember forever! The pictures from that day will be shown to their children, and their children’s children, and then their children’s children’s children.. and well you get the point! So for photos that will be held closely to so many hearts it’s so very important for the bride’s hair and makeup to be absolutely perfect, and exactly what they want!

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And when Kaitlyn passed on the photos of Rebecca’s wedding I knew that they would be passed down for many generations to come! Rebecca and her now husband Nicholas met while they both attended Villanova University and it was not very long after the two met that they knew God had put them together for a reason! Their first date was actually a marathon day! It began with Divine Liturgy at the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in Philadelphia and ended 12 hours later at a local pub where they went to listen to traditional Irish music! Although the music is why they decided to go to the pub they stayed long after it had ended.

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But just like all relationships Rebecca and Nicholas had their hardships! Not too far into their relationship, Nicholas was accepted into his dream PhD program located in Wales! But Rebecca pushed him forward to follow his dreams, thus began their three year, trans-Atlantic long distance relationship! After those three years their love was even stronger and they couldn’t wait for their wedding day! It was such a gorgeous day and Kaitlyn came back talking about how stunning the bride and the bridal party looked for the ceremony!

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With her hair in a braided updo and flowers throughout the braid, it was a style that fit the day perfectly! And the red lip that she went for matched her bouquet exactly! Rebecca was a picture perfect bride and her excitement for the day was truly evident as she smiled widely and popped a bottle of champagne! Clearly, as Nicholas and Rebecca have proven, absence can in fact make the heart grow fonder! I am so happy that the Glam Squad was able to be a part of this special day and we wish the couple all of the happiness that the world can offer!



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