We LOVE Lyssa! I was able to do her hair and make-up several times before her wedding day, which is always awesome. I really enjoy being with my brides every step of the way! Today was awesome and emotional.. I warned the bride, telling her she had to exchange letters BEFORE I did her make-up! She was sitting in anticipation the entire morning, she cried when she read her fiance’s letter, and started getting nervous when it finally hit her… “I’m getting married today!”..

They met on MySpace, back when it was cool.. They didn’t date right away as they were young. They did the whole friend/group hangout and eventually realized they were destined to be together!

While the bride was out of the room, her sweet bridesmaids were telling how much her fiance has changed her for the better. They said there was such an evident change from his love for her and they were so happy that Lyssa found her soulmate.

I adore love stories! Especially when they get married at The Mill at Fine Creek.. (favorite!)

Take a peek at our bride and some of her bridesmaids!

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Stay tuned for professional photos of her!

XOXO, Glam Squad