That’s a question we’ve been getting asked a lot lately. Mostly in regards to our Glam Squad Academy, and what exactly it is and what it means for the Glam Squad in general. Well don’t worry the Glam Squad is still in full swing and we are just as wedding obsessed as EVER (maybe even more if we are being honest, how can you not with all of the new trends? Yellow dresses?! Maroon everything? We definitely can’t help but swoon). But that’s exactly why the Glam Squad Academy has been created so we can help more wedding obsessed, hair and makeup obsessed people swoon over weddings with us!


I always talk about how my job is my passion because I get to wake up every day and do the thing I love the most, and sometimes I wish I had a better word than passion because I use it so much, but that’s exactly what it is cold hard passion. And the Academy is a way for all of our Glammies to share that passion with ANYONE who has that little spark inside of them as well!

My favorite part of The Glam Squad Academy is seeing everyone’s love. The people that attend the class have this sparkle in their eye and the love for the industry. And you get to see why the Glammies love what they do as well! It’s awesome to see how differently we all do things and that’s why we try to have as many of our senior stylists come and visit the class for demonstrations as well because there’s not a correct or incorrect technique used to get the desired result! And that’s exactly what happened this past Wednesday when Kaitlyn came in to demonstrate her famous updo to all of our students currently enrolled in our Hair Course!


We are offering hair and makeup courses too, giving everyone the opportunity to take either just the hair course, just the makeup course, or to take both depending on their interests! But the best thing about the courses is that they are half the cost, and take half the time that it does to attend cosmetology school and you get just as much training and hands on teaching!

Like I said though, weddings are definitely where our hearts lie and that’s why in these courses we teach the basic techniques for bridal hair and makeup while also rolling over to everyday makeup as well! Students leave our course confident and extremely skilled, but most importantly they leave it with a more intense love for hair and makeup then they had before they stepped in the classroom. Which is why I would encourage anyone who has a love for the two enroll in one of our courses because that love will only just grow ten fold!


We have had so many success stories from the academy that it is hard to just pick one but our students love sharing exactly how much the Academy courses mean to them. Kimmy is a prime example of that passion that I was talking about! We first met Kimmy when she came through our makeup course, after she graduated with flying colors (because let me just tell you this girl is amazing) she interviewed for a position with the Glam Squad and is now part of our team as a makeup artist! But that’s not all… Kimmy is currently enrolled in the Academy’s hair course right now and she has never ever done hair before!

Another Glammie success story is the lovely Alex, who many of you might know! She is a Glam Squad Academy graduate and a current Glammie and has been a part of the Glam Fam for three years! And I just love her testimony and think it says so much more than I ever could so that’s why I thought I would use her words rather than babbling on with my own!


“The Glam Squad is so unique because you are constantly learning, no matter how much you think you know.
Through meetings, glam academy, special wedding vendor guests, we are given so many opportunities to expand our knowledge of the industry we are in, always.
I started with the glam squad because I had just finished art school and the suggestion was made that I try makeup artistry! Through training, going to weddings and getting the experience, it helped me grow as an artist so much.
The wonderful thing about the glam squad is, if there’s something you are unsure about, some skill you’d like to sharpen a bit, you do not have to be ashamed or shy about bringing that concern up. You have the reassurance that there are always opportunities to get more practice with Lou, Amanda or any of the other girls on the team. Being part of the glam fam means we work together, always offering suggestions for good makeup products, teaching someone that Dutch braid that doesn’t know it, etc.
The Glam Squad Academy is especially important to me because, in the last year, I decided it was time to try learning how to do wedding hair. I wanted to try something new and I knew the Glam Squad Academy was the place to do it. Keep in mind, I had absolutely no experience with doing hair, none! The training is so thorough. You’re learning from experienced wedding pros so you get to watch what they do, wonderful for visual learners like myself. They are able to work with you on a more personal level. That one on one training during the academy session really made a difference for me. I cannot even tell you how much hair knowledge I gained in such a short amount of time. If I can do it, anyone can!
 I’ve learned through the glam squad that It’s not just a matter of showing up to a wedding, doing their makeup or hair and leaving. It’s about creating a wonderful experience with your bride, their friends and family. The best part about being there on their special day is building a relationship with them, which in some instances, lasts beyond the wedding day!  I’ve learned to be not only a better makeup artist, but a better saleswoman and personally, better in social situations!

Overall, I’m a better, more confident woman because of working on such an amazing team with amazing, talented people. I owe it to The Glam Squad Academy and Lou Stevens Glam Squad!”

I love my Glam Fam so much and I love being able to meet knew people and having the possibility to grow the family even more! For information on joining the Academy class don’t hesitate in contacting us at We have our next open house on December 1st and we would love to be able to meet you there! You’ll be able to hear more testimonials from former students and even get to watch a class in progress!

Hair, makeup, and weddings are my life and I love every moment of it, and The Glam Squad can’t wait to share some of our love with you!

A Quick Look at Our Makeup Course