Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about babies, or any of those unrealistic ideas that society has thrust upon us women. We are talking about what you can expect when you set the date for your wedding day hair and makeup with the Glam Squad! Wedding days are already stressful enough, and all the butterflies jumping around in you stomach definitely don’t help to ease any of those feelings. Believe me when I say we understand completely. And for this reason, the relationships we form with our brides is extremely important to us.


To me, it isn’t enough to just do pretty hair and stunning makeup. Those things are great, and I don’t mean to toot our own horns but….The Glam Squad is amazing at both of those things. But that wouldn’t mean anything if the team I surround myself with doesn’t treat every single one of our brides like they are long lost best friends and are sincere about it too! We know that no one bride is alike, (after working with over 3,000 brides, I can definitely a test to that) and we absolutely love getting to work and meet with so many amazing women. However one thing that is consistent with every wedding The Glam Squad is a part of is the positive attitude that we exude because who wants negativity anywhere near their wedding day?


We are still friends with so many of our brides even after doing their hair and makeup for their wedding. And sometimes our friendships form at the trial appointments! A prime example of this is a bride that is getting married this New Years Eve! Our CEO and Master Stylist Amanda formed such a good relationship with our bride during the trial, that she has been invited to attend the wedding that evening!

When you book The Glam Squad you not only book friends, but women who will do everything in their power to ensure that the hair and makeup look you want for your special day is achieved! And a way that we do that is to have a trial session with our brides.


During these trials the bride gets to come to our studio and meet the stylist that will be working with them up until their wedding day! This allows for our brides to bond with the stylist and get a sense of trust and alleviate any stress and worry that they might have if the first time they met was on the wedding day itself!

Sometimes a bride is even a little worried that she doesn’t have any inspiration or ideas for her hair and makeup, and if we are being honest those are some of our favorite brides because we get to show just how talented we are! I love being able to have creative freedom because sometimes that’s when my best hairstyles appear.


So what should you expect from all of us here at the Glam Squad? A team who is just as in love with your love story as you are in with your fiance. Gorgeous hair and makeup that make  your vision for the wedding day come to life. Positivity and excitement radiating throughout the room as soon as we step foot in it. But most importantly, a friend who feels so honored to be a part of such a special day in your life.