What’s in my Makeup Bag

I’m so excited because today we are continuing on with our What’s in my makeup bag series! I know that we teased some of the contents of this Glammie’s makeup bag on instagram and on facebook and some of you definitely were able to guess whose bag it was, although I think the hint might have given it away. But if you guessed Dana, then you are completely correct! Not only is Dana our cut and color specialist in the Glam Squad Studios Salon, but she is also an amazing hair and makeup artist. So you just know she is going to have so many great products in her bag!

It is important that I let you all know that the products in these posts don’t even begin to cover just how much makeup each of us stylists own, because well we are always trying out new products and we might all have a little bit of a makeup addiction. The products that you see are the ones that are used each and every day without a doubt by the Glammie! So without further ado, here are some of Dana’s favorite products. 


The first products that I pulled out of Dana’s bag during this makeup raid was Hard Candy’s Glamoflauge, and I couldn’t be more in love with the name of the concealer because we are the Glam Squad of course. Another product in the makeup bag was the NYX Matte Bronzer. Dana has amazing skin so it’s no surprise that she only uses concealer and a powder, and when  you take the heat that we have been experiencing into account it’s a no brainer to put as little product on your face as possible! 



Dana also had another bronzer and highlighter duo in her kit, however this one is one that can be applied to the body as well. Sometimes people just aren’t able to get very much color in the summer so the best thing to opt for if you aren’t a big fan of the sun is a bronzer and highlighter duo like this one from Milani. This combination allows for a little bit of color to be added to the skin while also giving you a bit of a summer like glow in the process!


The next product that is pictured above is just absolutely stunning. It is a palette that Dana just bought from BH cosmetics called the Carli Bybel palette, and let me just tell you there is nothing more amazing for a makeup artist than opening a brand new makeup palette and seeing the beautiful colors for the first time. Sometimes it’s so pretty that you don’t even want to use it, but the first time you do it’s very magical. 


The last thing that I pulled out of Dana’s makeup bag was a few lipstick colors. Now if you’ve been a bride of ours, or have come in for your bridal preview then you might have seen your stylist with something like this. This is a little trick that we have taught our glammies to keep a variety of colors on hand but not have their lipstick shades rolling around in the bottom of the kit. It makes life one thousand times easier because you don’t have to open every single tube of lipstick to see the color. 

Each time I go through a glammies makeup bag I find more products that I want to try, this series as been so much fun, but it might be a little dangerous for my bank account. 

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