Why you Should Never take No for an Answer

No is a word that you either hear too much or don’t say quite as much as you should. Of course both of these scenario’s are extremely different but both are very damaging to the care and keeping of yourself. Ever since we can remember every single one of us has had a dream, and ever since that first dream there are people who tell you no. If you’re five maybe you want to be a princess, or maybe a firefighter just like your dad! Just ask anyone what they want to be when they grow up and each year I promise the answer will probably change until they hit their teenage years! But funnily enough… I always knew that hair and makeup was where I wanted to be, and I heard that word no so many times over and over again! And that word no? Well it’s a word that everyone has heard probably once or twice (maybe even more times than that) when it comes to a dream but I want to tell you why you should never take no as an answer!


One of my all time favorite quotes comes from Eleanor Roosevelt, “Never allow a person to tell you no when they don’t have the power to tell you yes.” This is so important because the only person who can say no and have power over you with that no.. is yourself! You can either be your biggest cheerleader or your biggest enemy which is why when you wake up every morning you need to make the active decision that you will be the cheerleader that you need! We all have that group of people that we go to for advice and some guidance with the important things and those people definitely make up your cheerleading team…Most of the time. But what is important to realize is that you can not put too much weight on the opinions that they provide you with. More often than not we begin to take their opinions and make them fact! Other people’s no’s aren’t what shape your future, it’s the no’s you accept and follow that do.


Don’t get me wrong…hearing that one word over and over again takes a toll on you, you would be lying if you said it didn’t…I would be lying if I said it didn’t take a toll on me! But what would have happened if I took all of the no’s and used them as proof that I shouldn’t pursue hair and makeup? I wouldn’t have the Glam Squad. I wouldn’t have met Monte and formed that friendship, I wouldn’t have met any of my Glam Fam, I probably wouldn’t have even moved to Richmond and still be living in Wisconsin doing lord knows what!


If I had listened to the people who told me I would never have a future in a hair and makeup industry, I don’t think I would be content. I am so blessed to have a job doing what I love. I strongly believe that if you are lucky enough to have a career that you are in love with, you will never work a day in your life! So if I would have listened to those “no’s” and believe me there were plenty..I would probably still be doing hair and makeup but instead of it being under my name it would be under someone else’s.


And that was never my dream. I told people I wanted a one chair salon, “that won’t bring you a stable income, don’t do that.” I started the Glam Squad and it was just me walking around with my hair and makeup kit… a one person team, “Lou come on you’re just fooling yourself.” It was just no after no after no, but I never listened to these no’s because I knew myself…and I know that I have a talent and most importantly a passion that drives my talent to be uniquely mine and amazing. And because I didn’t take no for an answer, I have a team of 26 ridiculously talented stylists that work for LOU STEVEN’S Glam Squad, The Glam Squad Academy, where I get to share my passion and inspire people to follow their dreams to pursing beauty. And words can’t describe how much my heart melts when I get to see the joy in their eyes as they get their Glam Squad Academy Diploma because I see myself in each and everyone of those girls, and by saying yes….by encouraging them to keep going..I am fighting off so many of the no’s that they hear and words can’t describe how proud that makes me!


No is NEVER the answer when it comes to your goals, and your aspiration… so to those who tell you no? You tell them watch me.


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